4 days, 45 screenings


Our beautiful festival programme has been released! Altogether, there are 45 screenings offering a poignant selection of the best Finnish and international animation films of today.

“Short animation is a diverse art form that knows no limits. TAFF offers an excellent opportunity to get to know this fascinating genre and its latest manifests. Our screenings represent the whole spectrum of animation, and all of them include certainly surprising, epiphany-causing films,” promises Joni Männistö, the Creative Director of Turku Animated Film Festival.

Freshest currents of modern animation are represented by Cartoon d’Or finalists that competed for the title of the best short animation in Europe, and VAF New Talents composition showcasing works of the most talented young animators from Central and Eastern Europe. Future promises excel likewise in a screening consisting of student works of the Budapest’s animation school MOME, Moholy-Nagy University of Art & Design. MOME, awarded as the best animation school of the world this year, follows in animation degree programme at the TUAS Arts Academy’s footsteps: the same title was granted to TUAS in 2012.

TAFF lures an array of international animation professionals to Turku. With master classes, the audiences have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the work of the most interesting names in the industry. At the short animation Oscar nominee Bastien Dubois’s retrospective, the director will be present to answer questions from the audience. In masterclasses participants will meet Adrien Merigeau, also known from the Oscars, and Andrea Martignoni, who will arrive to Turku to discuss his work with animation sound design and Italian art-house animation,

A spectacle will take place at the Turku Book Café’s courtyard on Friday night, where a guaranteed one of a kind film experience is offered when Romania’s first feature-length sci-fi animation Delta Space Mission (1984) is screened.  The space adventure accompanied by synthesisers and drum machines is followed by a sci-fi influenced DJ-set from Mihai Mitrica, who also is a member of the jury.

A screening made in collaboration with Oulu Music Video Festival represents selection suitable for children in Turku Animated Film Festival’s programme, and in this screening we swing accompanied by animated music videos. Children are also entertained by Boris the Råt and Gigglebug’s previously unseen antics, and Pikkuli-lintu’s adventures as seen on television. A Children’s Panorama has been put together also with kids in mind, and the best films suitable for over 7-year-old viewers were picked from films sent to the competition.

Tickets sales starts and the screening schedules will be published on Friday, August 12th, here at taff.fi.