All aboard!


S/S Bore, that once used to sail the seas as a passenger ferry, now offers our festival guests and audience maritime accommodation at affordable price. On Friday, August 26, the ship’s conference room will turn into a cinema filled with animated oceanic adventures.

Bursting with that old cruise spirit, Hostel Borea is located by the River Aura, within a walking distance from Manilla, where the festival takes place.

The following prices include unique accommodation on decks 2–6, bed linen (you will have to make your own bed), towel, lovely morning sauna and tasty breakfast at restaurant Kristina:

Single cabin 43€ / night
Twin cabin 68€ / night
Cabin for 4 persons 108€ / night.

In each cabin, there is a private toilet and shower. Please note that some of the cabins have a bunk bed and some cabins have no windows.

To make a reservation, please email Hostel Borea at on August 1st the latest. Also, remember to mention the magic word ”TAFF Turku 2016” when making your reservation. The hostel will confirm each booking by sending a confirmation email after the reservation.

After August 1st, the cabins and their prices can be enquired by emailing Hostel Borea.

On Friday, August 26, the ambiance at S/S Bore will turn even more maritime than usually, as TAFF and Czech AniScreen present an animation screening filled with oceanic adventures. AniScreen is a non-profit organization taking independent animation beyond cinema – this time they’ll take over S/S Bore.