And the winner is…

The first ever TAFF Grand Prix winner is Three Fitted Flies (2015) directed by María Álvarez & Elisa Morais.

The Jury described the film as “a strong and emotional story using very simple techniques and design, giving us the feeling of how instant guilt slowly can make an obsessive compulsive disorder grow.”

The Tough Eye Award was awarded to Life with Herman H. Rott (2015) by Chintis Lundgren.  According to the Jury, the film “is full of many awesome clichéd situations that take us deeply into the life of two ordinary creatures. It mirrors us how dumb we can act in a relationship with each other in a daily life of compromises.”

In addition, the Jury awarded a Special Mention to Chulyen, a Crow’s Tale (2015) by Cerise Lopez & Agnes Patron.

The Jury members were  Sara Koppel (Denmark), Bastien Dubois (France) and Mihai Mitrica (Romania).

The Audience Award went to Luca Tóth’s Superbia (2016).