First Titles Unveiled

Mika Taanila: Mannerlaatta / Elli Vuorinen: Sore Eyes for Infinity / Turun Anikistit: Wurmloch / IC-98: Näkymä vastarannalta

Turku Animated Film Festival kicks off with multi-award winning artist duo IC-98’s piece A View from the Other Side (2011). This meditative piece is shown for the first time in its birthplace by the River Aura, cherishing the artist duo’s original vision. In the film, a colonnade known as Pinella changes through centuries, accompanied by a soundscape improvised by Turku Cathedral’s organist Markku Hietaharju. IC-98, that recently represented Finland in the Venice Biennale, is Visa Suonpää and Patrik Söderlund. The film was animated by Markus Lepistö.

Internationally recognised Finnish art house cinema is also represented by Mika Taanila’s recent Tectonic Plate (2016) that was created completely without camera. The feature-length lettrist film about fear of flying, security checks and time zones is based on poet Harry Salmenniemi’s original texts. The film’s whirling images were born when Taanila was photocopying flight-related documents straight on film and exposing the negative film in the darkroom. The feel of material and coincidence are powerfully present in the work.

TAFF presents the latest of Finnish animated short films comprehensively. A Pyjama Films production Sore Eyes for Infinity (2016), directed by internationally acclaimed Elli Vuorinen will have its world premiere in the festival’s Finnish Films screening. Commenting on current events, the film is an influential story about the desire of detachment and anxiety that the modern world can cause. Future greats get their turn on screen in their own screening, where films recently completed in Turku Arts Academy will be showcased.

Local animation virtuosity is on display at the Turun Anikistit’s 10th anniversary exhibition Ruokoton puutarha. The installation combines reality and mystique, offering a view into the quirky world of the Anikistit. Pictures, scripts, objects and pieces made specifically for the exhibition – executed as a collage – sprawl in a space reminiscent a studio. Additionally, the anniversary programme of Anikistit includes a late night panel discussion, where all of the group’s eight directors will discuss their latest animation, Wurmloch (2016), with journalist Perttu Häkkinen.

The programme will be complemented during the summer!

Photos: Mika Taanila: Tectonic Plate / Elli Vuorinen: Sore Eyes for Infinity / Turun Anikistit: Wurmloch / IC-98: A View from the Other Side