Animazioni – Italian Contemporary Animation


Screening info:
Bar Ö, Linnkatu 9, Sat 6.30pm. Free entry


One can tell the vitality of Italian auteur animation by the regularity with which we are able to publish a DVD anthology of the best short films from recent years. This animation scene encompasses both films made in Italy as well as films created abroad, a result of the hunt for better financial support.  “Animazioni 4” is characterized by a wide range of production locations.

Many things seem to be moving in the right direction these past few years and the curiosity and passion shown by a few small producers towards animation is a positive sign. Of these we can highlight “WithStand” in Milan, who were involved in the production of “Haircut” by Virginia Mori and of “Otto” by Imbrogno and Murgia. However, still sorely lacking in Italy is a legitimate system that allows auteur animation access to public funds, either those managed and disbursed by the regional Cinema Commissions or funds that come directly from the MIBAC, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism. This would assure on the one hand that the artists would have sufficient resources to develop new projects, and on the other that new forward-thinking producers could take on interesting and fruitful international co-productions, already at an advanced development stage, with Germany, Canada, Estonia, Croatia, Switzerland, which largely involve new works from Italian authors.

In the context of international collaboration we also find what seems to be the only remaining festival in Italy dedicated to moving images: the “Piccolo Festival dell’Animazione” takes place in December in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, and has been characterized since the first of its nine editions by a close cooperation and exchange with the Animateka Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia. But even more interesting and perhaps unique at the international level is the expanded form of the festival in the region, between the provinces of Pordenone, Udine Gorizia and Trieste, which allows a very wide public to access the screenings and meetings with high level international artists. We have no doubt that the adventure which started with “Animazioni: Contemporary Italian Short Films” in 2010 will carry on for a long time. If it will continue in the form of a DVD we cannot say, but you will certainly see and hear more from us.

Paola Bristot – Andrea Martignoni


Films projected:

Pandemonio | Valerio Spinelli 2014 | 3:00

The age of Rust | Francesco Aber & Alessandro Mattei 2014 | 7:20

Pene et Crudité | Mario Addis 2014 | 4:00

Venditori Ambulanti | Michele Bernardi 2015 | 5:00

Haircut | Virginia Mori 2015 | 8:10

Ralph Play d’oh | Fabio Tonetto 2016 | 0:35

Otto | Dario Imbrogno & Salvatore Murgia 2015 | 2:00

Cosmoetico | Martina Scarpelli 2015 | 4:46

La Fleche Delta | Francesco Vecchi 2014 | 9:00

The anthology will be presented by Andrea Martignoni
andrea martignoni

Andrea Martignoni
Performer, sound designer, historian in Animation.

He has created soundtracks for short animated films by Blu, Pierre Hébert, Roberto Catani, Martina Mestrovic, Petra Zlonoga, Boris Pramatarov, Soetkin Verstegen and others. He teached history of animation in Fine Arts Palermo and IULM University in Milan, and works closely with several international festivals with master classes, workshops, lectures on topics related to animation and soundtrack. He is often invited to international juries and selection committees throughout the world.

He has performed with Basmati, Pierre Hébert, Theodore Ushev, Compagnia d’Arte Drummatica, Edoardo Raon, Mazen Kerbaj, Philip Greenlief in several international film and music festivals in Europe.

Carries workshops together with Basmati B.C. and Ottomani Cultural Association and he is active in promoting the Italian animated film internationally.

He won the Golden Reiter for the best soundtrack to the 23rd edition of the International Short Film Festival FilmFest Dresden and the Asifa Award Italy in 2010. He curated with Paola Bristol, ANIMAZIONI, a DVD collection about Italian contemporary animation.