Boris, Gigglebug and Pikkuli


Have you met Boris, Gigglebug and Pikkuli? They all have their own TV shows. TAFF is proud to present the new wave of Finnish animated tv series. Besides local favorite Pikkuli, the screening includes brand new episodes of Boris the Rat and Gigglebug, be the first to see them on the big screen!

Screening schedule & online ticket shop:
Jo-Jo, Sun 10 am


Animation series Pikkuli depicts a life of a 5-year-old and his family and friends. Series by Metsämarja and Antti Aittokoski was made in Turku, and it showcases skills of animation professionals graduated from Turku Arts Academy. Pikkuli, entirely in bird language, has spread and charmed children on YLE channels and in 15 other countries, as well as enjoyed success at numerous festivals. At TAFF we will see episodes Pikkuli says NO! and Be Quiet, Pikkuli from the first series.

Pikkuli says NO! One morning Pikkuli wants to do nothing! Dad is trying his best to get Pikkuli excited about eating, reading and fishing, but Pikkuli says NO to everything.

Be Quiet, Pikkuli! Everyone is asleep. Pikkuli wakes up and can’t be quiet but plays drums and performs. Pikkuli is sent out. Pikkuli meets a woodpecker and they drum together. Pikkuli might get carried away…


Gigglebug’s laughter has been so infectious, that the series will grow into 52 parts, and thus it is our biggest animation series project since the Moomins. In Turku we will see two new episodes from the latest series. In the episode Skateboard City Rabbit is bragging about his skateboarding abilities and his listeners become very curious. Gigglebug thinks City Rabbit ought to prove his skills. It has to do an incredibly fierce landing.

Funny Fence tells a story of how Gigglebug and his friends get a task of painting funny pictures on the fence from Setä Simarusina. Keijo Karhu has difficulties in getting started, because it is afraid of failure.


Boris The Råt offers frolicking fun. Hysterical character of Leena Jääskeläinen and Kaisa Penttilä has lived a lousy life up until now: it has fooled around and found itself in the ultimate quagmire, and now it will mend its ways. Two episodes from the second series will premier at TAFF.

Boris The Råt supports waste water reforms: Boris The Råt brings out the big guns to protect the Baltic Sea. The rat’s independent initiative nearly ruins plans of Anneli the Baltic Herring.

Boris The Råt begins to innovate: Boris The Råt knows the future of our country is in innovation. But will the start-up spirit of a rat be enough when fear of heights strikes?