Delta Space Mission

Delta Space Mission 2

Screening info:
Kirjakahvila, Brinkkala yard, Vanha Suurtori, Fri 10pm. Free entry.


In a very rare outdoor screening at Turku Book Cafe we will see the cult classic and first feature length science-fiction animation made in Romania, a sequel to a homonymous series directed by Victor Antonescu, with characters drawn by Călin Cazan and Mircea Toia.

Project Delta was conceived in order to establish a dialogue between intergalactic civilizations. An alien journalist was allowed to board the spaceship. Soon, she and the captain noticed that the super-brain that controlled the ship could act by itself. Eventually, they realized that the journalist’s beauty was the reason for the brain’s odd behavior. She became its victim.

The soundtrack of Delta Space Mission is loaded with synthezisers and drum machines. After the screening the evening continues with our Jury member Mihai Mitrica playing a special scifi inspired dj/vj set.

Directors: Călin Cazan, Mircea Toia
Script: Călin Cazan, Mircea Toia
Animation: Călin Cazan, Dan Chisovski, Peter Tenkei, Mihai Simpetru, Mircea Toia, Cristian Marcu, Marian Mihail, Anca Iorgulescu, Adrian Gheorghe, Anca Miclescu, Radu Baciu, Luminiţa Toia, Tudor Mihalache
Music: Călin Ioachimescu
Sound: Erica Nemescu
Editing: Manuela Hodor Dragomirescu
Production: ANIMAFILM
Film source: Romanian National Film Archive
Romanian dialogues, English subtitles