International Competition 1

Screening schedule & online ticket shop:
Jo-Jo, Thu 3 pm
Aurinkobaletti, Sat 1 pm

Steven Subotnick
United States 2015 | 3 min

The pig is everything.

The Moustache
Anni Oja
Finland 2015 | 4 min

This town is not big enough for the two of them. Nor their moustache.

Satie’s ”Parade”
Koji Yamamura
Japan 2016 | 14 min

A Parade for three managers and four performers. Mixing quotes from French composer Erik Satie’s essays with the music Parade, this is an animated re-creation of realist ballet images going beyond reality.

Dina Velikovskaya
Russia 2016 | 9 min

Kukuschka is a bird, who is in love with the sun.


Books on Books
Lei Lei
China 2015 | 7 min

Driven by the idea of revisiting through returning, I have been collecting, cutting out and collaging book cover prints from the ”Book cover collection in the West” back on to Western secondhand books that I acquired over the years.

Dario Imbrogno
Italy 2016 | 4 min

All the world is a stage. In this theater a dancer becomes aware of herself. Her dance, destructured in time and space, shows us the mechanisms that pulls the strings.

Kaspar Jancis
Estonia 2015 | 10 min

They almost made it.

Chulyen, a Crow’s Tale
Agnes Patron & Cerise Lopez
France 2015 | 20 min

Chulyen is strong, Chulyen is handsome. Chulyen is weak, Chulyen is ugly. Chulyen is the crow spirit and three shamans are chasing after him.