International Competition 3

Screening schedule & online ticket shop:
Aurinkobaletti, Fri 6 pm
Jo-Jo, Sat 11 am


Not Even Nothing Can Be Free of Ghosts
Rainer Kohlberger
Austria, Germany 2016 | 11 min

Not even nothing can be free of ghosts.

Kristjan Holm
Estonia 2015 | 4 min

Once upon a time, there was a Kingdom of the Darkness…


Martina Scarpelli
Italy 2015 | 5 min

What was it like, before the birth of the universe? Does reality exists just because we are able to perceive it ? A girl tries to answer the big questions. In doing this, she imagines she can empty the universe to get to the very first portion of the cosmos.  And so she finds herself alone, as the smallest part of the universe – just a point.

Simon Gerbaud
Mexico 2015 | 8 min

This animated short film explores everyday objects (a shoe, a laptop, a chair, a fridge, an animal skull …) using the deconstruction. The title is a wordplay that combines two verbs in spanish: to know (saber) and to see (ver).

bird flu_Priit-Tender_Eesti-Joonisfilm_063

Bird Flu
Priit Tender
Estonia 2016 | 10 min

It’s about a man, a snake, a drunk penguin and the disappearance of birds. It’s about an apple tree and apples, roots and rootlessness. It’s about paradise and being expelled from it.


Georges Schwizgebel
Switzerland 2015 | 6 min

A father rides with his son through the forest. The sick child thinks he sees the Erlking, who both charms and frightens him. Based on Goethe’s poem Erlkönig and the music of Schubert and Liszt.


Juan Medina
Mexico 2015 | 10 min

Zimbo is a teenager that longs for freedom. One day, he discovers that all he has to do to reach it, is to cut the strings that keep him captive.


Luca Tóth
Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia 2016 | 15 min

The native people of the surrealistic land of Superbia, where men and women form separate societies, face the changes sparked by the first equal couple in their history.