TAFF Travels


This summer Turku Animated Film Festival takes Finnish animation from Turku to Japan and beyond. 

Turku Animated Film Festival works as an ambassador for Finnish animation both in Finland and abroad, all year round. In addition to the festival held in late August, creating networks through multi-artistic and international festival cooperation is an essential part of TAFF.

This weekend TAFF plays a part in H2Ö Festival’s art programme. TAFF/FAT screening, curated by TAFF, presents original works by Turku-based animation artists such as Niina Suominen, Tommi Juutilainen and Joni Männistö. The 30-minute screening stretches the boundaries of narration, friendship, state of matter and the essence of Turku and it is organized in cooperation with AV-arkki, the Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art.

After H2Ö Finnish animation takes over Japan and one of the most appreciated short film festivals in the world. On Saturday August 20, in the Grand Hall of Hiroshima International Animation Festival, the audience will be treated by a screening named The Newest Finnish Animation, curated by animation director Kaisa Penttilä. Mutually, the best films of Hiroshima festival will be seen in Turku Animated Film Festival in 2017.

In September TAFF travels to Odense International Filmfestival with thirteen fresh Finnish animations and a bunch of filmmakers, kindly supported by Finnish-Danish Cultural Foundation and the Finnish Film Foundation.

Turku Animated Film Festival will also be present at Love & Anarchy – Helsinki Intenational Film Festival in September, and in the Cinema Events Finland’s new short film webshop. There are also plenty of international film festival adventures ahead in 2017.

The TAFF/FAT Sceenings at H2Ö take place on Friday 22nd at 19–19.30, and on Saturday 23rd, at 18–18.30, in Art Space Verstas.