TAFF 2017: Friday

Ilo irti

Day three. For your convenience, we composed a schedule that will guide you through the day:

12.30pm, Jo-Jo Teatteri: The first screening of the day, Play Pärnoid! 1 (Turku) presents 18 animations from Priit Pärn’s era at Turku Arts Academy.

3.30pm, Manilla-teatteri: 100 Years of Animated Documentaries, lecture by Uri Kranot, covers movements, trends, techniques and approaches on the subject through decades of filmmaking, starting in 1918 with “The sinking of the Lusitania” and ending 100 years later with most recent animated documentaries.

Time to eat! We recommend taking the Föri (ferry) across the river and heading to VG Wok. Their amazing vegetarian dishes keep the festival rolling. Before the next screening you can even enjoy a refreshing drink at Manilla’s cozy bar.

6.30pm, Manilla-teatteri: StopTrik @ TAFF celebrates the art of hand-made animation and versatile materials. The screening, curated by StopTrik festival, offers a fascinating overview on how to animate with different materials such as dolls, objects, sand and wax. The programme is presented by Michał Bobrowski, StopTrik’s programme director.

8.00pm, Jo-Jo Teatteri: The second screening curated by StopTrik festival consists of eight Polish films made during the past ten years. The films  illustrate life in contemporary Poland, tell stories spanning generations, and hover between dream and reality.

10.00pm, Kirjakahvila, Brinkkala yard: Let’s get some fresh air and delicacies by Kirjakahvila! The beautiful yard serves as a venue for a very special outdoor screening, as Aju the Arch-Idiot performs a live soundtrack to six experimental 60’s films directed by Eino Ruutsalo. Free entrance!

11pm– Bar Ö calling! TAFFÖ! – Kimito Diskotek och Art Vandelay spelar norrbaleariska dansmusik – aka dance with us! Eye candy provided by a stunning 13×5 pixel animation by Malakias.

And while you’re around, check out the loops projected on the wall of Turku City Library.

Friday’s schedule in its entirety can be found here.

Have a great day!

(Image: Ami Lindholm / Play Pärnoid! 1)