TAFF 2017: Saturday


Plats du Jour:

The day starts at 1pm at Jo-Jo Teatteri with Play Pärnoid! 2 (Tallinn), a screening full of animations from Priit & Olga Pärn’s era at Estonian Academy of Arts.

Before tonight’s Award Ceremony, there’s a chance to watch four (of the five) competition screenings and wonder which film will catch the Grand Prix worth € 1,000. The audience favorite will be awarded, too, so don’t forget to vote!

At 2pm, there’s a very special cinematic concert taking place at Sibelius Museum. Five films by Pink Twins get brand-new soundtracks by the duo themselves, Laura Naukkarinen also known as Lau Nau, guitarist Topias Tiheäsalo, and Not a Quartet conducted by Arttu Pulkkinen. The visuality of the duo’s films creates a stunning contrast with the minimalistic architecture of Sibelius Museum  – this is something you don’t want to miss!

6 pm, Manilla-teatteri: Protest! Yiorgos Tsangaris showcases a selection of political films created by independent authors who are raising their voices through the art of animation for a fairer world. The films offer a glimpse into an artistic field charged by the current political developments in Europe and all around the world.

At 7.30pm it’s time for Anu-Laura Tuttelberg’s retrospective. Tuttelberg will walk us through her filmmaking process by showing making of photos and puppets used in making the films. We will see two of her films and a trailer for the one she’s working on right now – a puppet animation shot in a rainforest in Mexico with a 16 mm film camera. We’ll be the firsts ones to see the material she’s come up with so far!

The last screening of the day starts at 10.30pm, bringing us the awarded films of TAFF 2017. Catch the best of the best in one screening!

Priit Pärn’s exhibition at B-galleria is open from 12 noon until 4pm. After dark, remember to look out for Pink Phantom guarding the gates of Manilla, as well as the loops projected on the wall of Turku City Library.

Have a spectacular Saturday!

(Image: Velodrool by Sander Joon / Play Pärnoid! 2)