Turku Animated Film Festival line-up revealed

The international programme of second annual Turku Animated Film Festival, will once again present a high quality selection of short animation. This August the focus of the programme is in the Eastern European animation art, and the festival will be graced with the presence of prominent filmmakers from all over Europe.

The director of animation studies of the Turku Academy of Fine Arts in 1994-2007, Priit Pärn, one of Estonia’s most internationally successful artists, arrives to Turku as a guest of TAFF. The B-gallery exhibition presents Pärn’s fresh artwork, and in addition the festival venue Manilla serves as a location for a screening of the director’s darkly surrealistic animations as well as a masterclass lecture. Also traveling from Estonia to Turku is Olga Pärn who works as the supervising teacher at the Estonian Academy of Art’s (EKA) animation studies. TAFF screens also a showcase of works created under the direction of the Pärns.

The animated film festival StopTrik, organized in Slovenia and Poland, has curated for TAFF a screening featuring various stop motion techniques celebrating the hand-made art and versatile materials. The screening offers an interesting overview of how to animate with different materials such as dolls, objects, sand and wax. The finest of contemporary Eastern European animation is also presented by the theme screening dedicated to Polish contemporary animation and another curated by Piotr Kardas, leader of O!PLA Animation Across Borders. VAF New Talents screening features the most talented young animators in Central and Eastern Europe and the latest trends in animation.

The award-winning Serbian director Miloš Tomić‘s retrospective is a jolly revelry of short film, animated documentary, music video, mockumentary and experimental animation. In his dissertation, Tomić himself examined the film as a material for the film, and he himself describes it as an animation goulash, so there is a guaranteed versatility in creative thinking and different techniques across various styles.

Yiorgos Tsangaris, the founder and artistic director of Countryside Animafest Cyprus, arrives from Cyprus to Turku. Tsangaris curated for TAFF an animated screen with a theme of protest. Uri Kranot, representing Denmark and Viborg’s Anidox Lab, is spoiling the audience with a master class and a screening focusing on current trends in animated documentaries. To top everythin the latest Cartoon d’Or finalists will be screened at the August festival in Turku.

The biggest animation film festival in Finland containing around sixty events, Turku Animated Film Festival along with TAFF Junior dedicated to children and young people, will both be held in Turku on 23-27 August. The Festival is supported by the Kone foundation, City of Turku, Arts promotion centre Finland and Scene Turku.

Image from Disobedient Citizen (2016) by Miloš Tomić.