And the Grand Prix Goes to…

The Saturday evening at Turku Animated Film Festival 2018 culminated in the award ceremony. The Grand Prix went to Rabbit’s Blood directed by Sarina Nihei (UK, Japan, 2017).

The Jury described the winner as “an enigmatic and elegant hand-drawn animated short about violence and solitude. – – In the surrealistic labyrinth structure of the causes and effects told from the perspective of a child, life unfolds as an absurd play, where underground rabbits are risking their lives to save the world.”

The Grand Prix worth €1,000 is sponsored by YLE Uusi Kino.

The Tough Eye Award was awarded to My Little Goat (Japan, 2018) by Tomoki Misato.

According to the Jury, ”the film skilfully adapts a classical tale into a multilayered narrative structure.”

The award for the Best Professional Film went to The Burden by Niki Lindroth von Bahr (Sweden, 2017) – ”a movie that manages to combine absurd comedy with beautiful melancholic drama.”

The Best Student Film of the year is Max Litvinov’s Red Garage (2017, France), a film with “a raw and playful graphic way of portraying a quite ordinary situation and turning it into a small adventure.”

In addition, the Jury awarded a Special Mention to Island by Robert Löbel and Max Mörtl (Germany, 2017).

The Jury members were Réka Bucsi (Hungary), David Buob (Germany) and Igor Prassel (Slovenia).

The Audience Award went to Flower Found! by Jorn Leeuwerink (The Netherlands, 2017).

Congratulations to all winners!

Image from the film Rabbit’s Blood.