Production and Co-Production in Finland and Sweden

A Frozen Lake Bottom or a Fertile Swamp? Production and Co-Production in Finland and Sweden

Finland and Sweden share a border and a very similar production support system but coproduce only in very rare occasions. In this discussion we’re looking into new ways of connecting the filmmakers and producers in both countries. The producers are also giving out tips for international guest in how to reap the systems.

Moderator, director Kari Juusonen is joined by producers Terhi Väänänen from Turku and Johan Edström from Stockholm.


Kari Juusonen has been working in animation for two decades, directing animated short films, commercials, series and feature films. Currently in development with an animated feature for Matila Röhr Productions.

Terhi Väänänen headshot 813 x 1011

Terhi Väänänen is the producer, CEO and co-founder of Pyjama Films. The Turku-based animation studio, founded in 2015, specialises in artistically ambitious 2D animation projects from service work to shorts and from TV series to features. Väänänen is in charge of the studio’s IP development, financing and partnerships. She has MAs in Media Culture and Arts Management, and has worked in animation field since 2009.

johan edström

Johan Edström is a highly recognised producer from Sweden and the CEO of the Stockholm-based animation production company Apparat. Johan has had several different roles in the production of animation and live action films since his debut as a photographer in the early 80’s. He’s worked as director, producer and art designer for numerous short films and other film projects. In recent years Johan has been producing Jonas Odell’s short films.