This Isn’t Weird

who am i and what i want

There once was an animator
They were a failed painter
But digital tools
Are made for such fools
When one is a failed painter

The story was harder than drawing
With nudity, zombies and moaning
With that all combined
It did feel just fine
With lunacy, bodies and bowling

It was finished with moderate wit
Some festivals wanted to screen it
With bad films alike
They formed quite a pile
Some weirdos decided to show it

So then there was I
Who had to compile
Some badly drawn films
For financial means
Now you will be watching this program!

Voor Film
Douwe Dijkstra | NL 2015 | 12 min

Who I am and what I want
Chris Shepherd and David Shrigley | UK 2005 | 8 min

Phil Mulloy | UK 2012 | 3 min

Squirrel Island
Astrid Goldsmith | UK 2016 | 21 min

Stephen Irwin | UK 2011 | 6 min

Jean-Gabriel Périot | FR 2012 | 4 min

Penis mouse
Kristof Babaski | PL 1957 | 6 min

Safari Heat
Antti Laakso & Simo Ruotsalainen | FI 2013 | 5 min 

Breakfast on the Grass
Erik Alunurm, Mihkel Reha, Mari Pakkas, Mari-Liis Rebane | EE 2012 | 5 min



Visningen är curated av Alexei Dmitriev