And the award goes to…

The Saturday evening at Turku Animated Film Festival 2019 culminated in the award ceremony. The Grand Prix went to Deep Love directed by Mykyta Lyskov (UA 2019).

The Jury described the winner as “a film that takes a long hard look at the Director’s own home town. It is fragmented, anarchic, funny, deeply critical, and loving all at the same time”.

The Grand Prix worth €1,000 is sponsored by YLE Uusi Kino.

The winner of National Competition was Her Head (FI 2019) by Emma Louhivuori. The Jury described the film as “surreal and simple, a perfect match of visual style and content”. Elli Vuorinen‘s Still Lives (FI 2019) was given a special mention for being a “mysterious and visually stunning, a ture “pequeca””.

TAFF Junior competition was won by Alan Jennings’ film The Trouble With Trolls (US 2018). The jury was class 4c from Luostarivuori School, Martti unit.

For “a film that returns to the original impulses of cinema, that of creating both magic and humour”. For its boldness of concept and simplicity of means, the jury awarded the Tough Eye prize to Dont know what (AT, 2019) by Thomas Renoldner.

The award for the Best Professional Film went to to a film that reinvents the telling of a children’s tale of overarching greed. The Jury loved the vigour of the brush marks, the dynamic editing and startling beauty of its colour. The Award went to the film, The Flounder by the British film maker Elizabeth Hobbs.

The Best Student Film Award was handed to a director who shows us how to visualise the impossible. A brilliantly simple film that cleverly gives us the space in which to contemplate the infinite. Winning film was Advertising the Earth Radio – Stephen P. McGreevy’s VLF Cut-outs by the Czech film maker Zbyseck Semelka.

The International Jury members were Vessela Dantcheva (Bulgaria), Gerben Schermer (The Netherlands) and Phil Mulloy (UK). The National Jury consisted of Hélène Gendronneau (France), Maria Björklund (Finland) and Priit Tender (Estonia)

The Audience Award went to Gravedad by Matisse Gonzalez (DE 2019).

Congratulations to all winners!

Picture from Deep Love