Big Fish & Begonia (00137)

Wed Aug 29th, 5.00pm, Logomo Move 2
Sat Sep 1st, 1.00pm, Kino Diana

In a world within our world, yet unseen by human eyes, magical beings control tide and the changing of the seasons. One of them is a girl named Chun, who, on her 16th birthday, is transformed into a red dolphin and heads to explore the human world.

During a storm, Chun gets tangled in a fishing net. She is rescued by a human boy Kun, who disappears in a vortex and drowns. Chun is so moved by Kun’s kindness and courage that she bargains with a soul keeper to bring him back to life. To do this, Chun must give up half her own lifespan and protect Kun’s soul – a tiny fish – and nurture it to return him to the human world.

The beautifully animated film has been compared with Studio Ghibli films. It is a must see for all animation lovers. Big Fish & Begonia combines hand-drawn and digital animation and its directors Liang Xuan and Zhang Chun have drawn inspiration from dreams and ancient Chinese myths.


Xuan  Liang, Chun  Zhang | CH 2016 | 106 min
Language: Chinese with English subtitles