Jonas Odell – Short films


Manilla-teatteri fri Aug 31st 6.00 pm
Jo-Jo sun Sep 2nd 12.00 noon

Jonas Odell specializes in making films mixing live action and various mixed media animation techniques. He has also scripted, co-scripted and written the music to a number of productions. In some of his more recent short films he has explored a mix of documentary, staged and animated elements.

Jonas was one of the founders of the Stockholm based animation studio “FilmTecknarna” and has made short films as well as commissioned work and commercials through the studio and later as a freelancing director.

His short film “ Never Like The First Time! ” was awarded with the Golden Bear for best short film in the Berlin Film Festival 2006. His short “Lies” was awarded as Best international short at the Sundance film festival 2009. Three of his short films have also been awarded the “Guldbagge”, the Swedish movie award.

Jonas Odell has also directed music videos for artists such as The Rolling Stones, Goldfrapp, U2 and Franz Ferdinand. For the latter he received an award for breakthrough video of the year at the MTV Music Awards 2004 as well as a Grammy nomination.


SE 2008 | 14 min

Never Like the First Time!

SE 2006 | 14 min


Stig Bergquist, Jonas Odell, Lars Ohlson, Martti Ekstrand  | SE 1993 | 8 min

I Was a Winner

SE 2016 | 14 min

Family and Friends

SE 2002 | 13 min


SE 2011 | 14 min