The Lost World X Maajo

lost world

Saturday, September 1 at 6pm, Viinatehdas

Battling dinosaurs, balearic afro rhythms, and an emerging love triangle in the tropics. What more could one ask for?

At TAFF, The Lost World gets a live soundtrack by Maajo – a Tampere-based band with an obsession with balearic disco, deep tribal roots, a love of eighties afro-pop, lessons from minimalist composers and a desire to just dub it up.

The screening premiered at Loud Silents, a festival dedicated to silent films and live music, in April 2018.

The Lost World
Harry O. Hoyt | US 1925 | 100 min

Jon Thureson (keyboards, synthesizers), Tuomas Lammi (bass), Jussi Laitinen (percussion), Mitja Virikko (drum pads) Juhani Lammi (samples & efects), Janne Melanen (guitar)