TAFF’s Entire Programme Has Been Released!

One of the international guests at of TAFF 2018 is Jonas Odell, a Swedish director who has created music videos for Rolling Stones, U2 and Franz Ferdinand, among others. In his work, Odell blends live action with mixed media animation techniques. His animated documentaries illustrating stories of first sexual experiences, lies and gaming addiction have been awarded at Berlin, Sundance and the Swedish Guldbagge Awards.

Swedish animation art is also available at two screenings curated by the association Swedish Animation and Visual Arts. The contemporary program shows the wide variety of films animated in Sweden today, ranging from abstract documentaries to apocalyptic musicals. SAAVA’s retrospective  presents a cavalcade of films animated in Sweden in the past decade.

TAFF is proud to present a very special screening that had its premiere at Loud Silents Festival in Tampere this Spring. Maajo x The Lost World brings together a classic dinosaur adventure from nearly 100 years ago and the tropical beats by Maajo, a Tampere-based band whose first album was released by Queen Nanny Records. TAFF’s traditional Playlist screening consists of fine music videos made in 2017 and 2018.

In addition to animated shorts, TAFF presents a selection of feature-length films. The beautifully animated Chinese adventure Big Fish & Begonia has been compared to Studio Ghibli films. Captain Morten and the Spider Queen, a puppet animation directed by Estonian Kaspar Jancis tells the story of a boy who dreams of becoming a shipmaster. Local school groups are invited to a screening of Gordon & Paddy, a Swedish film nodding to the Scandinavian detective fiction genre and featuring the voice of Stellan Skarsgård.

Polish School of Animation series takes a look at the history of Polish animation  from the ‘60s to today. Focusing on experimental avant-garde films, the screenings 1, 2 and 3 burst with technical mastery, artistic ambition and a wide range of animation techniques and styles. Central European animation gems are also available in a screening of Slovenian shorts and in a show celebrating the 25-year independence of Slovakia, curated by Slovak Film Institute and Fest Anca.

The Belgian animation duo Emma de Swaef and Marc James Roels have charmed the hearts of audiences across the globe with their instantly recognizable wool animations, the fluffy materials enhancing the oddly dreamy and realistic atmosphere of their work. Their widely adored and acclaimed 2012 short Oh Willy… tells the story of a fifty-something Willy returning to the naturist community where he spent his youth to visit his dying mother. The duo’s latest film, This Magnificent Cake! premiered at Cannes and won a Grand Prix at Animafest Zagreb.

The first ever Turku Öl Film Festival takes place on Saturday, September 1st, at Bar Ö. Indulging all senses, the screening comes with seven quality shorts paired with beer. Cheers!