See You Later, Animator – This Year’s Short Film Competition is Adjourned

Dear Friend,

We hope you are well and safe. We here in Turku, Finland have been keeping our fingers crossed, hoping to be able to organize Turku Animated Film Festival in August. Despite all those wishes, we’ve finally come to the hard decision that this year’s competition of animated shorts has to be postponed to next year. 

Turku Animated Film Festival – also known as TAFF– is the biggest and loveliest animation festival in Finland. The festival was established as a meeting point for filmmakers, industry delegates and local lovers of animation. We realized that due to this uncertain situation, we would not be able to offer a full TAFF-experience this year. We wanted to hold on to the real spirit of TAFF – that’s why it didn’t seem natural for us to take the whole festival online either. Instead, this year our festival will get a little sibling, TAFF Pro, a smaller event mainly for professionals of animation.

This year we received in total more than 2000 animated shorts for the International Competition, International Student Film Competition, TAFF Junior Competition and National Competition. It is more than ever, and we’re thankful for all of you who participated. Next year the submissions will be opened again and the selections for the awards will be chosen from both year’s applicants.

So now, let’s have a creative, well-deserved pause! The next Turku Animated Film Festival will be held August 25–29, 2021. Then we’ll come back taffer than ever! There will be multiple screenings, great competitions and celebration around the clock, we promise.

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Paavo Pykäläinen Photography

This August: TAFF Pro for Animation Professionals, Screenings for Animation Lovers

But wait, we’re still not giving up the whole thing for this year. August 26–28, 2020 there will be TAFF Pro, which is a smaller, new event created mainly for the Finnish professionals of animation. The theme of the first TAFF Pro is the meeting of animation and documentary, and the first event is organized in co-operation with the Danish ANIDOX-Forum.

TAFF Pro will be organized at the old factory of Manilla by the River Aura, and for some parts of the event there will be an option to join in online environment too. The event consists of master classes and screenings (the latter also for the audience), which are open for the whole animation industry. In addition there will be a workshop for Finnish projects in development that combine documentary style and animation. For more details, keep an eye on our social media.

TAFF Pro is supported by The Finnish Film Foundation, AVEK and Scene Turku.

Yours truly,

TAFF Staff

Paavo Pykäläinen Photography