TAFF Pro Draws Together the Professionals of Animation

TAFF Pro is a new event for the professionals of animation, and it is held this August in Turku, Finland for the first time. The event is a part of The Turku Animated Film Festival, which will this year actualise as a smaller phenomenon, consisting of TAFF Pro and some screenings open for public audience too. TAFF Pro will be organized at the old factory of Manilla by the River Aura on August 26-28, 2020. There will be an option to join partly in a virtual environment as well.

This year the main theme of TAFF Pro is the meeting of animation and documentary, and the first event is organized in co-operation with the Danish ANIDOX-Forum. The event starts with a two-day seminar, which is open to the whole animation field and consists of lectures, acts and a workshop for projects which combine documentary style and animation.

The event culminates in an industry-day, when the projects of the workshop are introduced to an audience that consists of Finnish professionals and funders. The project chosen as most promising will take part in a year-long workshop in ANIDOX:Lab in the year 2021.

The whole program of TAFF Pro will be published in June. At the same time we’ll open up the enrolment for everyone, not only for the participants of the workshop.

TAFF Pro is supported by The Finnish Film Foundation, AVEK and Scene Turku.

Opus Luxcity: Copie 3