Projects for the TAFF Pro X Anidox development workshop selected

TAFF Pro will be organized in cooperation with the Danish Anidox-forum at the old factory of Manilla by the River Aura on, and for some parts of the event there will be an option to join in online environment too. The event consists of master classes and screenings, which are open for the whole animation industry. In addition there will be a workshop for Finnish projects in development that combine documentary style and animation. The following 8 projects were selected among the 23 submitted projects.

Inka Achte: The Last Carriage (P: Napafilms)
Anna Blom: My Brother Drowned Outside Lampedusa (P: ja! mediaproduction)
Annika Dahlsten: Campfire in a Zoo
Catarina Diehl: Cheating is good for you
Leena Kilpeläinen: In The World of Colour and Shape – Maija Isola (P: Greenlit Productions Oy)
Anna Korhonen: Olga K
Vesa Kuosmanen & Saila Kivelä: We Are Animals (P: Tuffi Films)
Katja Niemi: A Bogey Mom

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