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Vanha viinatehdas,
Sunday 28.08.2022
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Screening time: 1 h 20 min

Films in this screening:

Yoriko Mizushiri:

Anxious Body

France, 2021. 6 minutes.

Living things, artificial things, geometry shapes, and lines. When these different things encounter, a new direction is born.

Atsushi Wada:

Bird in the Peninsula

France, Japan, 2022. 16 minutes.

Children are dancing on the music under the supervision of their teacher. A young lady witnesses the scene and disrupts their rituals.

Alexander Gratzer:

In the Upper Room

Hungary, Austria, 2022. 8 minutes.

Every season a young mole visits his blind grandfather, who lives deep underground in a comfortably decorated burrow. As the two grow older their relationship becomes more intense and important questions arise.

Gabrielle Selnet, Adam Sillard, Chloé Farr:

Goodbye Jérôme!
(Au revoir Jérôme!)

France, 2021. 8 minutes.

Having just arrived in paradise, Jerome sets out to find his wife Maryline. In the course of his search, he sinks into a surreal and colorful world in which no one seems to be able to help him.

Tal Kantor:

Letter to a Pig

France, 2022. 17 minutes.

A traumatic memory of a Holocaust survivor sends a young schoolgirl on an inner journey, searching for her own path as the boundary between animal and human nature blurs.

NIkita Diakur:


Germany, 2022. 12 minutes.

Attempting a backflip is not safe. You can break your neck, land on your head, or land badly on your wrists. None of that is nice, so my avatar does the trick. It practices on a 6-core processor with the help of Machine Learning. The processor is not the newest but still calculates 6 jumps per iteration. One iteration takes one minute, this is 360 jumps in an hour and 8.640 jumps in a day. I wouldn’t be able to jump so much myself.

Sander Joon:


Estonia, 2022. 16 minutes.

Father and his son are losing the folkrace. In order to win, a boy turns himself into a car tire. Loosely inspired by the director’s childhood, Sierra pulls us into the surreal car racing world.

Vanha viinatehdas,
Sunday 28.08.2022
8€ Buy tickets