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Vanha viinatehdas,
Thursday 25.08.2022
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Vanha viinatehdas,
Saturday 27.08.2022
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Screening time: 1 h

Films in this screening:

Maria Björklund:

Planet Z
(Planeetta  Z)

Finland, 2017. 7 minutes.

Tora, a two-mouthed tigerlike creature, is looking for something to eat. It runs into a pile of eggs, but the egg Tora snatches from it hatches in its mouth! The short film is the pilot episode of Planet Z animated TV series that is based on the comics of Maria Björklund.

Maria Björklund:

Summer in Helsinki
(Helsingin kesä)

Finland, 2011. 9 minutes.

Summer in Helsinki is an experimental portrait of a city during summertime – it’s people, animals, happenings, weather and moods. The director has documented life in Helsinki by animating out in the parks, on the squares and at the beach every day during a whole summer, thus producing the raw material for this film.

Ulla Bergström, Teija Nykänen, Lauri Pitkänen:

Jasso the cat
(Jasso Kissa)

Finland, 1997. 3 minutes.

Two episodes from the cartoon series about Jasso the cat and its thinking tail. The Jasso animation is based on Jii Roikonen’s tasty cartoon about a cat with a talking tail.

Hanneriina Moisseinen:


Finland, 2014. 3 minutes.

In the summer of 1944 and Karelia is being evacuated. At the same moment that the order to leave comes, one of the house’s cows begins to calve.

Hanneriina Moisseinen:

The Drifter Who Loved Books
(Kulkuri, joka rakasti kirjoja)

Finland, 2017. 4 minutes.

Matti Pohto (1817–1857) was a vagabond who collected 5000 books. With these books the national collection of literature, which had been destroyed in the Turku fire in 1827, was saved.

Kim Helminen:

Cramps and Sprains
(Kramppeja ja Nyrjähdyksiä)

Finland, 2008. 2 minutes.

The pilot episode for the animated series based on Pauli Kallio’s comics.

Pietari Koskinen:

Blood and Bones
(Verta ja Luita)

Finland, 1993. 2 minutes.

The person jumps from the roof and, to everyone’s surprise, he can fly.

Samppa Kukkonen:

BELZEBUBS – Cathedrals of Mourning

Finland, 2019. 5 minutes.

Music video for Belzebubs song Cathedrals Of Mourning

Samppa Kukkonen:

BELZEBUBS – teaser

Finland, 2019. 1 minutes.

Teaser of the upcoming Belzebubs series.

Anni Nykänen:

Granny’s Exercise Break
(Mummon taukojumppa)

Finland, 2016. 2 minutes.

The energetic old lady makes the wheel spin! Grandma doesn’t give up, even if age plays tricks.

Janne Kukkonen:

(Hiidenkiuas )

Finland, 2011. 7 minutes.

Old man stumbles upon a strange stone which reveals the deeper essence of sauna.

Tomi Riionheimo, Hannu Lajunen:

Rieku & Raiku: First Timers Drunk
(Rieku ja Raiku: Ensikänni)

Finland, 1998. 2 minutes.

What you learn when you’re young, you will always master.

Directors: Tomi Riionheimo, Hannu Lajunen:

Rieku & Raiku: Christmas Eve of the Orphaned
(Rieku ja Raiku: Orpopoikein joulu)

Finland, 1998. 2 minutes.

Peace on earth and good will toward men. Even the roosters are settled for a moment.

Ami Lindholm:

Mother and Milk
(Äiti ja maito)

Finland, 2019. 10 minutes.

What happens when a baby is born? What if there is no milk? Or just a drop too much? Mother and Milk is animated adaptation from Ami Lindholm’s comics.

Event Timeslots:

Vanha viinatehdas,
Thursday 25.08.2022
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Vanha viinatehdas,
Saturday 27.08.2022
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