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Friday 23.08.2024
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Films in this screening:

Agnès Patron, Morgane Le Péchon:


France, 2023. 5 minutes.

On a cool summer night, animals with eyes full of light leave the forest to venture into the alleys of a suburban neighbourhood. Four children sneak out of their beds, and stars begin to fall from the sky. By the morning everything will have changed, but for now let’s run!

Stéphane Berla:

À toi

France, 2023. 3 minutes.

We follow the growth of two characters, a red boy symbolizing masculinity and reality, and a blue girl embodying the feminine ideal and dreams. Each builds their own identity and cultivates their differences, only to meet again in adulthood to create a common work and merge their colors into a new one.

CIANG, Matteo Dang Minh, Francesca Colombara:

Boy Blue

Italy, 2023. 4 minutes.

A seashell on the ocean floor opens, revealing a shape-shifting elephant inside. The elephant emerges from the water and crosses a forest, eventually arriving in a small town with a row of beautiful houses. One house, in particular, stands out among the others, surrounded by dense vegetation and crowned by a dark cloud. The elephant peers over the fence and spots the melancholic Boy Blue.

Claudia Cortès Espejo, Margot Reumont:

Cut Short Crisply

Belgium, 2023. 4 minutes.

The team of a restaurant prepares the setting of the evening’s shift. As the customers arrive, the pace quickens, the restaurant room is full and the stomachs are filled. The kitchen is literally overflowing

Katalin Egely:

To know to fall is a science
(Saber cair é uma ciencia )

Portugal, 2023. 2 minutes.

A charming musical short with songs in Spanish about adopted parents and children.

Ingrid Heiderscheidt:

Sexual Misery
(Misère sexuelle)

Belgium, 2023. 5 minutes.

Brussels. In some parts of the city, women are very familiar with a phenomenon which is as widespread here as elsewhere: they attract attention, even if they do not want it, and then there are remarks, proposals, ‘compliments’ and finally insults.

Michelle Brand:

I'm Leaving
(Je Pars)

Germany, 2023. 4 minutes.

As the night comes, the journey begins. Running rushing, racing. Unbound from time and swept away by the night’s surreal cascade of lights, we leave day-life behind.

Håvard Skeide Glad:

Theo Myling - my heart is in limbo

Norway, 2023. 4 minutes.

A heartbroken man stuck in grief, is looking out his window towards a past love, in his floating house amongst the stars. Myling, a mysterious entity, appears and delves into the dark depths of the hidden basement, to find and uproot the pulsating source. As the entity rips out the growth, the man must confront his fiery pain, to ultimately be able to step outside and move on.

Mattis Dovier, Yoann Dovier:


France, 2023. 2 minutes.

During a performance in the Moscow underground, the group IC3PEAK invoked an evil entity: Kim Dracula, in the form of a giant worm.

Carlon Hardt, Rimon Guimarães:

Laguna Plena

Brazil, 2024. 4 minutes.

In a setting of natural plenitude, a mystical figure, embodiment of the feminine origin, encounters a wild horse with which she embarks on an ancestral journey of union with nature. An ode to purity, to harmony with the natural, to the pursuit of unbridled freedom, celebrating love in its most natural and raw form.

Pearl Seemann:

Opto Optics

Germany, 2024. 4 minutes.

A man gets lost trying to obtain ingredients for his dinner.

Tarafu Otani:

Mind Replacer

Japan, 2024. 2 minutes.

HOSHIMIYA TOTO is a VR singer without a physical body. At their live performances, many audience members are enthralled by their flat avatars on the screen. It is as if a physical being is there, The desire to become one with them separates our body and spirit. The line between reality and VR is very blurred today. Our psyche, which has left the body, is becoming a new life form, combining, disintegrating, and replacing each other. The classic motif of “primitive eroticism,” which requires the body to become one with the spirit, is depicted through a VR singer in this music video.

Erentia Bedeker:

Wildlife Cameraman (Summer Farm)

United Kingdom, 2023. 4 minutes.

Wildlife Cameraman (Summer Farm) is a music video/poetry film based on the poem “Summer Farm” by Scottish poet Norman MacCaig with music and lyrics by Scott William Urquhart & Constant Follower. The film focuses on the connection between nature and our inner world. McCaig’s poem looks outward to nature, noticing the simplistic details which become a metaphysic web that connects all living things. The expansiveness of nature often triggers an inward journey when we feel disconnected from ourselves and the world around us. The true self manifests as the inner child who is always true and pure no matter what hardships we might face. We can lose touch with our inner child, but the connection can never be severed. We can always find our way back to ourselves and to nature.

Marie Opron:

The Time
(Le Temps)

France, 2023. 4 minutes.

Project of animated music video

Jeremy Boulard, Paul Bourgois:

Doughy the Doggy

France, 2023. 3 minutes.

In the middle of the ocean, a gigantic column gives birth to a small creature half dog, half pig. Driven by the pulsation of an electro-surf music, she will have to ride the wave of her life to join.

Friday 23.08.2024
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