Screening time: 1 h 15 min

CW: Themes and scenes of suicide and anxiety disorder

Films in this screening:

Capucine GOUGELET:

Born to be a lie
(La vérité si je nais)

France, 2021. 2 minutes.

“How do we make babies?” is a question that goes over generations and even if today it is often no longer taboo, it can be intimidating, leave speechless or let our imagination speak. “Born to be a lie” is a very short animated documentary film that is touching, funny and spontaneous for everyone.

Diana Cam Van Nguyen:

Love, Dad

Czech Republic, 2021. 13 minutes.

She finds letters full of love her dad wrote her 15 years ago. Now she fights to get that love back.

Isidora Vulic:

Orange Peel

Serbia, 2021. 5 minutes.

On a train back from Spain. On her lap, a notebook of memories, and an orange.

Christian Wittmoser, Zuniel Kim:

The train driver

Germany, 2021. 6 minutes.

An anonymous train driver recounts his experience with suicide on the rails. Six times he experienced people taking their own lives before his eyes. While surf fishing, he tries to distract himself – but does something like that really leave no trace?

Keith Del Principe:

Wine Story

Canada, 2021. 3 minutes.

Created with homemade grape ink, from grapes that grow wild on our farm, Wine Story is an animated documentary film told in my late grandfather’s voice about our family’s adventures in making wine and friendship. My great grandfather had five barrels of his homemade wine that he would keep in the basement. The barrels were numbered one through five, and were ranked in order of quality. When a guest was invited over, my great grandfather sent his son into the basement to get the wine for the guest based on the quality he thought they were worth. Narrated by my late grandfather, an Italian-American, who loved trees and grew his own orchard. He encouraged me to pursue my creativity in all forms. This is the manifestation of that effort. In loving memory of my Grandpa, Carl R. Gullo.

Rohit Karandadi:

Modo De Vida - A Goan Sketchbook

India, 2021. 5 minutes.

A quaint Goan life hides underneath its touristy facade. A Goa of sleepy balcaos, pushy fish-mongers and of pilot bikes flitting on boiling afternoons; of the blend of traditions and a penchant for slow life. The animated sketchbook film explores this erstwhile Portuguese colony.

Jakob Werner, Thea Sparmeier, Pauline Cremer:


Germany, 2021. 5 minutes.

Body hair on women’s bodies. A topic that inevitably occupies a woman as soon as the first hairs sprout. Franka had a lot of hair on her legs, under her arms, on her belly – like many women. Depilation hurt, didn’t feel right. But is there another alternative accepted by society? Franka tells about her experience and her decision to let her body hair grow.

Olesya Shchukina:

Lada, Ivan's Sister
(Lada, sestra Ivana)

Russia, 2021. 7 minutes.

Documentary animation based on the real story of Lada, a transgender woman from Russia. She tells her and her brother Ivan’s secret.

Melanie Jilg:

Hello Darkness My Good Friend

Germany, 2022. 30 minutes.

Fear is one of the strongest emotions that we are experiencing and for sure can mangle our minds. But what to do when it appears and manifests itself? In this animated short film, people talk about their personal experiences with fearful situations and sliding into an anxiety disorder. One thing is clear: fear is part of life. And talking about it takes courage. Especially in a time like this.