How to use your screening card

When you have bought your screening card from our online store, you will receive a unique promo code, via email, within 48 hours.

Using the promo code, you are able to “purchase” tickets from the online store, free of charge. Our online store will officially open in June 2024, when our timetables and screenings are announced. The promo code is applicable to any single screening products. Note! Junior screenings are by default free for children under the age of 16, so please make sure you are not using your promo code to buy those tickets, so you are not wasting your free tickets.

You are able to purchase all six tickets (or eight if you bought the Early Bird card) together or a few tickets at a time. After applying the code to 6/8 tickets, the code will become void and not work on subsequent uses.

If you have any questions or problems with the use of your screening card, contact for customer support!

Hope to see you at TAFF!