TAFF Junior 3

Content warnings for this screening
Theme warning: death of a pet

Films in this screening:

Joao Rodrigues:

Ana Morphose

Portugal, 2023. 10 minutes.

A little girl reads herself to sleep. As she dozes off, the physical world starts melting into an alternate reality where the contents of a book rule over the laws of physics. Ana has to escape being swallowed by the overwhelming accumulation of printed knowledge and find her own space in a world where nothing is what it seems.

Philippe Kastner:

Dede is dead

Czech Republic, 2023. 8 minutes.

Death of a beloved pet is a difficult thing to deal with, and even though we try to prepare for it, it always seems to come too soon. This is a story of a boy and his dog Dede, who passes away suddenly and the boy is left alone with his grief. In the end, he finds out that just because Dede is dead does not mean that she is completely gone.

Katya Mikheeva:

In the dance

France, 2022. 5 minutes.

Four friends get together for a freestyle dance session.

Rich Farris:


United Kingdom, 2023. 9 minutes.

Ever since she was a child, Robin loved playing the drums. As she grew up she continued to improve, eventually making it to the big stage. Now, a few years later, the drumming dream has turned sour and Robin is blaming the drum kit that she once loved. She decides getting rid of the drums is the only way she can move on with her life. On a journey of self-discovery and unexpected obstacles, Robin will question whether she is really ready to give up her passion.


Naissance des oasis

France, 2022. 9 minutes.

A cold-blooded snake and a hot-blooded camel become close friends.

Jenny Wright:


United Kingdom, 2023. 2 minutes.

Come over and eat fondu. The world is looking beautiful.



United Kingdom, 2022. 10 minutes.

Three archetypal woodland spirits explore the conflicting human drives of creativity, possessiveness and our desire for status.

Emily Hanning:


Denmark, 2022. 6 minutes.

Summer is a time of endless potential, but when a rabbit’s fears start getting in the way of having fun with his friends, Beanboy pops in and does his thing.

Content warnings for this screening
Theme warning: death of a pet

TAFF Junior 2

Films in this screening:

Júlia Ventura Bruguera:

The Line

Italy, 2022. 2 minutes.

This short-film wants to highlight the selfishness and lack of empathy that is rampant within modern society, and how the authorities use homeland security as a pretext to gather personal information and restrict our freedom.

Anastasiya Lisovets:


Russian Federation, 2022. 4 minutes.

A small girl and a small bird discover together the surrounded world and open the lyrics of prose.

Ida Lepparu, Andrei Bljahhin, Sameliina Paurson:


Estonia, 2022. 7 minutes.

A tiny bug is picking up trash in the grass and encounters giant hooves playing with a ball made out of garbage. Despite the fact that the unexpected characters are interfering with her cleaning work, the insect emerges victorious by calling the naughty hooved creatures to order.

Helen Louise Woolston, John Francis Quirk:

Fiadh à Fireach (The Hind)

United Kingdom, 2023. 4 minutes.

Taking inspiration from Gaelic folklore and our changing relationship and attitudes to the landscape, this film was made for the Scottish Rewilding organisation Trees for Life. Designed using natural materials and inks made from plants and fungi native to the Scottish Highlands, it plays with the traditional Gaelic characters of the Fianna warriors, and what happens when a young girl from our world stumbles into theirs – the Otherworld – via a sìthean, a faerie hill.

Célia Tisserant, Arnaud Demuynck:

Go Away, Alfred!
(Va-t'en, Alfred !)

France, 2023. 11 minutes.

Alfred had to flee his country because of the war. Without housing, he wanders, from rejection to rejection. One day he meets Sonia, who offers him a coffee…

Nika Zinoveva:


Czech Republic, 2023. 8 minutes.

Resignation to any kind of civic engagement. Whatman is a guy, who doesn’t want to read, doesn’t want to see and preferably doesn’t want to bother with anything anymore. He just wants to live inside of his safe house.

Alla Vartanyan:

Birds, by the way

Russian Federation, 2022. 10 minutes.

Times and circumstances change, but the duo of a Worm and a Bird stands the same!

TAFF Junior 1

Films in this screening:

Rika Nakayama:

Under A Shooting Contrail

United States, 2022. 6 minutes.

A little stop-motion puppet leaves his studio and explores the outside world. He experiences the vast, dynamic, and unpredictable world of nature through a lens of a stop-motion puppet.

Dasha Vyatkina:

The Witch's lullaby

Netherlands, 2022. 4 minutes.

Grandma Yaga is torn between the need to be close to her son and the desire to dance the night away with her witch friends. Will she have to make a choice, or will she be able to combine both of these roles with a little help from her friends?

Anne-Sophie Gousset, Clément Céard:

To Be Sisters
(Entre deux soeurs)

France, 2022. 7 minutes.

To be sisters is about sharing a special bond and laughing together. To be sisters is to be propelled by love. But these particular sisters share an extra something a bit different, and that’s absolutely fine.

Julia Ocker:


Germany, 2022. 4 minutes.

Sadly, the T-Rex is very bad at playing basketball.

Maing Caochong:

Kids In Winter

China, 2022. 3 minutes.

In the cold winter, the unexpected snowstorm is an inescapable challenge. Faced with the icy cave mouth, the rabbits need to make a concerted effort to return home. 

David Mathews:


Austria, 2023. 3 minutes.

A day in the life of a fox.

Sonja Rohleder:


Germany, 2021. 3 minutes.

The sun sets and the eyes are closing. Rocking from one green leaf to the next, the little monkey glides gently to sleep. But what happens next? Suddenly the world of dreams gets darker, more colorful and wild. Mysterious plants, creatures and shapes line the trajectory through the night. Somni is a cinematic lullaby.

Daniela Hýbnerová:

The Hedgehog

Czech Republic, 2023. 2 minutes.

Can hedgehog swim?

Seungbae JEON:


Republic of Korea, 2023. 9 minutes.

Battery Mommy works at various stuffs such as soap bubble guns, cameras, and thermometers in the nursery. During the children’s nap time of one winter day, Battery Mommy finds out the Christmas tree in the nursery is on fire. At the moment, she urgently runs to the fire alarm to safely rescue sleeping children…