Junior 3

Screening time: 45 min

Screening contains dialogue in English and more difficult topics (e.g. the death of a parent), so we recommend it for kids over 12 years old who already know some English.
CW: Themes of a parent’s death

Films in this screening:

Inès Bernard-Espina, Mélody Boulissière, Clémentine Campos:

Patouille and the parachute seeds
(Patouille, des graines en parachute)

France, 2021. 6 minutes.

Patouille is a little creature who lives in harmony with the plants. With his friend Momo, he discovers the amazing features of plants.

Jelena Oroz:

Letters From the Edge of the Forest
(Pisma na kraju sume)

Croatia, 2022. 12 minutes.

A group of forest animals set out on the adventure of learning to write. A squirrel, a tiger, a hedgehog and an elephant will write many wrong letters and scrambled words, and in the end, learn the importance of togetherness, perseverance and knowledge.

Marita Mayer:

I'm not afraid!

Norway, Germany, 2022. 7 minutes.

A film for the little ones about fear and courage and the discovery that there are many things you don’t have to fear if you understand what it is.

Marie Urbánková:

Mom is always right

Czech Republic, 2022. 8 minutes.

Mirek has a huge belly and nobody knows why. Diets and strenuous exercise don’t help. His big belly causes many complications. The simple act of putting on socks turns into a hellish mission. We follow the stories of several heroes, each with unusual troubles. Where do they stem from?

Uri Lotan:

Black Slide

Israel, 2021. 11 minutes.

Eviah, a young and timid kid on the brink of puberty and his best friend sneak into the Black slide, the most terrifying ride in Aqua Fun. There Eviah will gain insight to prepare him for events about to unfold at home.

Junior 2

Screening time: 45 min

Screening is suitable for viewers of all ages.
CW: Scenes of bullying

Films in this screening:

Antje Heyn:


Germany, 2021. 4 minutes.

META is an animated film that takes up topics such as change, transience, cycles, connection, and interaction in a playful and experimental way. Everything consists of many parts and that in the end we are all connected with each other.

Fatemeh Gharavi Manjili:

The Hand and the Egg
(دست و تخم مرغ)

Islamic Republic of Iran, 2021. 6 minutes.

A cheerful little girl meets a tiny bird, right before her egg goes missing. She decides to help her find it. Going on a journey together, they find out a mysterious long hand is stealing all the eggs.

Alžbeta Mačáková Mišejková:

Don't blow it up

Czech Republic, 2022. 8 minutes.

Two little girls are playing with a ball. But after a petty quarrel, they get angry with each other and take offense. Their umbrage makes them inflate like balloons, they fly all the way up to the clouds. Girls get stuck up there, with no idea how to get down and save their kitten stuck in the tree.

Ana Chubinidze:

Franzy’s Soup-Kitchen
(La Soupe de Franzy)

France, 2021. 8 minutes.

Lonely alien Chef Franzy discovers that her special pink soup is not just delicious, but also magical, when she shares it with starving creatures living on a strange planet.

Eugeniy Fadeyev:

Snail's breakfast

Russian Federation, 2021. 7 minutes.

In a world where stories are losing their value, all that remains is to enjoy the ever-encroaching nature, and feed on falling fruit. In this world, the city has long since lost its outlines, there are no roads, no streets left to be seen, only artifacts that no longer perform any function, and its only inhabitants are snails that never leave their houses.

Sanna de Vries:


Netherlands, 2021. 4 minutes.

Mirrors cover every inch of Fiep’s little house. As she stares at her own reflection, Fiep focuses on her flaws so intensely that they literally grow gigantic… and turns her into some kind of mutation of all her imperfections. Overwhelmed with this sight of herself, Fiep fights her way through the door, into the ferocious winter landscape that surrounds her home – running away as far as possible…

Sonia Gerbeaud:

The Boy and the Elephant
(Le Garçon et l’Eléphant)

France, 2022. 7 minutes.

The arrival of a new elephant-headed student in class triggers mockery and sarcasm. One of the students seems captivated and disturbed by this strange child.

Junior 1

Screening time: 40 min

Screening is suitable for viewers of all ages.

Films in this screening:

Maša Avramović:

Trails of the Morning
(Épreuves du matin)

France, 2021. 3 minutes.

Here is a little girl who is more of a morning person than the morning itself and who offers us a tender and touching portrait of a sunny friendship.

Britt Raes:

Luce and the Rock
(Luce et le Rocher)

Belgium, 2022. 13 minutes.

One day, out of nowhere, a giant Rock lays in the middle of the peaceful little village where Luce lives. The villagers can’t even open the door to their houses anymore! Luce is angry: go away Rock, you don’t belong here! And why are you here anyway?

Piret Sigus, Silja Saarepuu:

The Turnip

Estonia, 2022. 7 minutes.

The film’s story is based on the Slavic folktale, which has been told for ages from the peasants point of view. The film shows the story from underground angle – giving overview what really happened while peasants were engaged in the cultivation of vegetables. A story about property, collaboration and betrayal.

Isabelle Favez:

Lost Brain

Switzerland, 2021. 7 minutes.

One day, Louise the crocodile accidentally sneezes her brain out. To top it all off, it even escapes! This suddenly makes it difficult for Louise to perform the simplest tasks and nothing works out anymore.

Giulia Martinelli:


Switzerland, 2022. 5 minutes.

A special family of moon guardians is living on a tiny island while dealing with the ups and downs of their everyday life and of the tide. The film depicts the delicate balance between the characters and the environment in which they live in.

Seung-bae Jeon:

Battery Daddy

South Korea, 2021. 6 minutes.

“Battery Dad” is in charge of every corner of the house, such as children’s toys, remote controls, and door locks. One day, “Battery Dad” goes on a trip to a valley with others. While having fun, a sudden downpour causes the valley to flood, and everyone is stranded. “Battery Dad” tries to power the flashlight with all his might so that people can safely be rescued. But the constant rain is putting him in danger…