holesThere's a New Kid in Town!

Turku Animated Film Festival aka TAFF is the freshest and loveliest international animated film festival in Finland. The festival programme is an alluring combination of carefully selected animated shorts and celebration around the clock!

The first ever TAFF took place in Turku, Finland, in August 2016, presenting nearly 50 events. Altogether, there were close to 2800 festival-goers and dozens of animation professionals attending the festival. 

The second Turku Animated Film Festival will take place in August 2017.

See you next year!


Thank y’all!

Four days, nearly 50 events, dozens of professionals, and nearly 2,800 festival-goers altogether. Heart-warming ambiance and tons of wonderful feedback. (more…)

Sunday Photos

(Photos: Paavo Pykäläinen)

And the winner is…

The first ever TAFF Grand Prix winner is Three Fitted Flies (2015) directed by María Álvarez & Elisa Morais. (more…)

Festival Photos: Saturday

(Photos by Paavo Pykäläinen)

Saturday Specials

Insider tips on TAFF, day three. (more…)

Friday Photos

(Photos by Paavo Pykäläinen)

Day 1 in Pictures

Captured by Paavo Pykäläinen.

Meet the directors

During TAFF, the audience has a wonderful chance to meet Finnish and international directors and professionals of animation. (more…)

A to Z

Fresh from the oven: our very first programme catalogue! Read greetings from our directors, pick the best programme tips and devote yourself to a thrilling board game. (more…)

Child’s Play

TAFF weekend contains plenty of interesting programme for the little ones. In addition to child-friendly screenings there will be a workshop where kids can try out making animation themselves. (more…)

Library Loops

During the festival week, after darkness has set in, there are mysterious keyholes scurrying in Turku's cityscape. But what are they up to, and what can you see through them? (more…)

Tickets available!

TAFF tickets can now be purchased online. (more…)

4 days, 45 screenings

Our beautiful festival programme has been released! Altogether, there are 45 screenings offering a poignant selection of the best Finnish and international animation films of today. (more…)

TAFF Travels

This summer Turku Animated Film Festival takes Finnish animation from Turku to Japan and beyond.  (more…)

Official Selection 2016: In Competition

The first edition of TAFF received an incredible amount of 838 submissions for International Competition. Ultimately 32 short animations from all over the world were selected for the competition. (more…)

All aboard!

S/S Bore, that once used to sail the seas as a passenger ferry, now offers our festival guests and audience maritime accommodation at affordable price. On Friday, August 26, the ship's conference room will turn into a cinema filled with animated oceanic adventures. (more…)

First Titles Unveiled

Turku Animated Film Festival kicks off with multi-award winning artist duo IC-98’s piece A View from the Other Side (2011). (more…)

Call for animation loop competition

Did you miss the short film competition deadline? Don't worry. You still have a chance to participate in Turku Animated Film Festival. We're organising a loop competition in cooperation with Animaatioklinikka - organisation for Finnish animation professionals. All the loops submitted…

You’re the One That We Want

Dear Filmmaker! We would love to see you at TAFF in August. (more…)

Welcome to Turku

Turku is the home of Finnish animation. It is also the hometown of Turku Arts Academy, the school that has been selected as the best animation school in the world – twice. Therefore, it seemed only fitting that Turku should,…