(Updated 4/8/2022)

COVID -safety | Safer space | Content warnings


The regional administrative authorities (AVI) have not presented any measures or restrictions based on the COVID-19 disease situation. However, please make sure you arrive at the festival healthy and follow good hygiene practices.

Both Aurinkobaletti and Viinatehdas facilities have hand washing facilities, hand sanitizer and face masks available.

Principles of a safer space

We do not accept any form of discrimination or harassment at the festival.

Please do respect the personal mental and physical space of others – do not touch others without permission and respect the privacy of others. Please treat sensitive and intimate topics with respect.

Do not use discriminatory or derogatory language or embarrass or tease anyone with your speech.

Do not make assumptions based on the external nature of others, such as sexuality, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic background, health or ability to function.

If you have unwittingly crossed the boundaries of others with your behavior, change your behavior and apologize for your actions.

Take care of others and yourself in the festival area and at the side events. If you encounter and notice harassment or need support, contact our employees. If necessary, a person behaving in a disruptive manner will be removed from the premises by our employees.

Content Warnings

Several films in our program deal with difficult or distressing subjects. We have added content warnings about typical disturbing topics to the information of each show. Content warnings are divided into two types: theme warnings, when the theme of the film deals with a difficult subject, mainly with abstract images, and scene warnings, when the film shows anxiety-inducing images.