(Updated 27/8/2021)

At the festival, we follow the following measures in accordance of the guidelines of Regional State Administrative Agency for Southwestern Finland (AVI) to create a safe event:

Safety distances

  • A limited number of tickets are on sale for the screenings.
  • Screening start times are staggered to avoid queues.
  • Adequate safety distances are left between the audience members in the auditoriums.
  • Outside of the shows, we hope our visitors will prefer Manilla’s comfortable outdoor spaces weather permitting.


  • Join the festival only if you are completely healthy.
  • We require all our guests to use the mask indoors at the festival unless there is a health reason to avoid them. If you have forgotten the mask, you will get one from the festival staff.
  • There are hand washing stations and hand sanitizer in the festival area, which we hope our guests will use lavishly.

Ticket sale

  • To reduce contacts, we hope that you will buy tickets in advance from the online store.
  • On-site payment is by card only.
  • Our ticket inspection is carried out taking into account safety distance.
  • Our e-commerce system collects the contact information (e-mail address, telephone number) of ticket buyers, which we provide to the authorities, if necessary, in order to find out the chains of infection. We will not disclose the information without good reason and to anyone other than the authorities investigating the exposures. Read the Online Store Privacy Statement here (link).

Enhanced cleaning

  • After each screening, we wipe the contact surfaces and ventilate the space.
  • Extra attention is paid to the cleanliness of the toilets.
  • Please let us know if you notice any deficiencies in the equipment of the disinfection stations or toilets.