TAFF Pro Keynotes & Panel

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Keynote speech:

Jaakko Kemppainen: Forest of Forking Paths – Possible Futures of Digital Games

11:00, TAFF Pro Keynotes.

Digital games are a constantly evolving ooze of opportunities and potentials. New technologies and business models emerge every now and then, affecting the imagination of game developers. Sometimes evolution of games is cyclic, sometimes disrupting. This lecture tries to predict potential ways the digital games will evolve in the near and distant future. The emphasis is on the artistic side and gameplay, but the technology, business and society can’t be ignored either.


Based on over 40 years as a gamer and 20 years as professional game developer, regional artist of games, Jaakko Kemppainen derives, extrapolates and exaggerates the futures of games, based on where they are now and how they ended up here.

Keynote speech:

Jussi Kemppainen: Echoes of Art: Exploring AI tools for game production

14:00, TAFF Pro Keynotes.

Echoes Of Art: Exploring AI tools for game production

What does AI mean for professionals?

A detailed research project into how current generative AI tools could slot into traditional game production pipeline and the compromises that need to be done in order to accommodate these tools.

The prototype project in this research is a 2.5D point and click adventure game, with AI generated locations and AI designed 3D characters.


TAFF Pro Panel Discussion

16:00, TAFF Pro Keynotes.

Along with the two keynote speakers, participating in the panel as a lifelong lover of games, Sonja brings a unique interest in the enigmatic blend of art and games.

Sonja Yrjölä, a 32-year-old animation artist, currently residing in the capital region. She graduated as an animation director from Turku University of Applied Sciences’ Academy of Fine Arts in 2018, and since then, she has been engaged in various animation projects within the industry. Whenever time permits, she is working on her own hand-drawn animated art game project.

TAFF Pro Forum

TAFF Pro Forum is all about networking, learning and sharing.

Join our networking event and meet other professionals and local professional network operators. Inspire from our selection of professional talks covering both the animation and the games industries!

Films in this screening:


Antti Laakso: ‘Dreams in the Witch House’ How to make an indie game?

TAFF Pro Forum, 13:15.

Animator and filmmaker Antti Laakso talks about developing his first released computer game, horror adventure Dreams in the Witch House. How did the transition go from animation and film to games, and what kind of surprises there were on the long way to the finished product? Curated by Tatu Pohjavirta.


Tiina Räsänen: ‘Perspectives on Films and Games’

TAFF Pro Forum, 14:30.

Tiina Räsänen is an animator who employs storytelling as a versatile tool, not only in crafting visual content but also in UI/UX design and manual testing. Her engagement with the realm of games extends beyond mere playing, as she has also participated in Game Jams and contributed to the development of serious games.

In her presentation “Perspectives on Films and Games,” she delves into the use of animation in video games from the vantage point of the animation industry, exploring its connection with the motion observed in animated films.


Ville Korpela: ’Game animation is problem solving’

TAFF Pro Forum, 15:15.

“Game animation is problem solving” is Ville’s take on what it is like to be a professional game animator centering on and detailing what a 3D character animators work is like and the

different stages of the process. The presentation goes into how ones work crosses and interacts with other facets of game development such as game design, code and modeling to produce a game that is interesting and engaging. Discussed will also be “the why” game animation is so important to the game experience, storytelling and narrative of the game.

The audience will also hear about the realities of working in game industry – the challenges and triumphs along the way – and Ville’s thoughts on the future of game animation.


Liisa Vähäkylä introducing the book: ‘Nordic Animation - Balancing the East and the West’

TAFF Pro Forum, 16:15.

‘Nordic Animation – Balancing the East and the West’ is the first-ever book showcasing Nordic animation. The book was published in April 2023 as part of CRC Press’s Focus on Animation series. The book delves into the history of animation creation and the evolution of the animation industry across all five Nordic countries. While covering a broad spectrum of animation work and industry, the book particularly emphasizes known brands and emerging talents in the field.