National Competition

Our competition screening for Finnish films. The award (400 e) is sponsored by Finnish Animation Guild.

Screening time: 1 h 20 min


Films in this screening:

Kaisa Penttilä:

The Landing

Finland, 2021. 9 minutes.

A family holiday in a zoo is interrupted when an unknown species tries to enter the zone.

Leena Lehti:


Finland, 2021. 3 minutes.

An elegy to boreal forest. In south Finland taiga has already started to change to temperate forest. This tactile film is made on 16mm film without a camera. It combines hand scratched animation with real tiny plants and moss collected in the subarctic region in Finland.

Inari Sirola:

Eating in the Dark

United Kingdom, 2021. 9 minutes.

Through snakey dildos, setting boundaries and a journey through a mind bending forest, we follow Siro's quest for self discovery.

Ylva-Lii Wahlström:


Finland, 2019. 2 minutes.

Clubs are weird when you're drunk. But is there actually something odd about this party?

Lauri Ketonen, Konsta Verta:


Finland, 2019. 8 minutes.

Timotei is heading home. The train stops at a mysterious train station he has never been to before. Timotei sees a beautiful blue ribbon and he starts to chase it. Finally, after three times he is able to catch it. This sends him out to his dreams.

Katariina Haukka, Iiris Korjus:

Rinse and Shine
(Muista pestä kasvosi)

Finland, 2021. 3 minutes.

A faceless girl falls down a bathtub and ends up in a bizarre world where she has to come to terms with who she is.

Paula Garcia:

Treasure Hunt

Finland, 2020. 2 minutes.

A girl's quest in finding the most important treasure for her in the forest.

Mikko Aumala:


Finland, 2020. 3 minutes.

Three small people drinking mushroom-tea.

Ulrika Fredrikson, Janne Häkkinen, Hertta Lehtovirta, Sanna Liinamaa, Lauri Pulkkinen:


Finland, 2019. 4 minutes.

A portrayal of old persons last moments and the value of microfungi, bacteria and other small entities living with us. Human world meets nonhuman in this psychedelic short film which mixes different animation techniques.

Inari Sirola:


United Kingdom, 2019. 3 minutes.

What is the crazy stigma women get in dating context? What is the culture around it? In this short we ridicule the crazy-stereotype in a form of - crazy.

Niina Suominen:

What Time Is?
(Mikä aika on?)

Finland, 2020. 7 minutes.

What time is? places the experience of time in the centre of contemplation. The human figures act as reference points for meditation on the passage and ending of time. The images of war function as universal symbols reflecting the inherent violence in human nature through all eras. The work gives us a chance to reflect on the transient nature of time and the relationship of the viewer to the conflict-ridden epoch in which we live.

Joonas Ennala:

The Big Day

Finland, 2020. 1 minutes.

Something BIG is going to happen.

Tatu Pohjavirta:

All tender things
(Kaikki herkät jutut)

Finland, 2020. 13 minutes.

A teriffic barbecue party where sacred things are thrown into the flames.

Mika Taanila:

Patent Nr. 314805
(Patentti Nro. 314805)

Finland, 2020. 2 minutes.

Finnish engineer Eric Tigerstedt solved the dilemma of sound-on-film already before World War I. All images and sounds are produced from the surviving test materials originally created in 1914.

Pauli Setälä:

The Devil Knocks Thrice
(Paholainen koputtaa kolmesti)

Finland, 2020. 2 minutes.

The landlord comes to collect payments from his tenants.

Aliina Kauranne:

Maybe Ur A Star

Finland, 2019. 3 minutes.

The pressures and expectations of work life.

Ylva-Lii Wahlström:

Do I know what I'm looking for?
(Tiedänkö mitä etsin?)

Finland, 2019. 4 minutes.

A shapeshifter is looking for love in a seaside town.