The Staff Favourites

The favourite films chosen by the people behind the festival!

Festivaalin järjestäjien omat suosikit tämän vuoden näytöksistä!

Films will be published during the festival week!

The favourite films chosen by the people behind the festival!

Festivaalin järjestäjien omat suosikit tämän vuoden näytöksistä!

Films will be published during the festival week!

Adapted Classics

TAFF Pro Panorama

Films in this screening:

Koji Yamamura:

The Old Crocodile
(年をとった鰐 / Toshi wo totta Wani)

Japan, 2005. 12 minutes.

An adaptation of a rather antiquated fable by French author and illustrator Leopold Chauveau (1870-1940) called “Histoire du vieux crocodile”

Priit Pärn, Olga Pärn:

I feel a Lifelong Bullet in the Back of My Head

Estonia, 2007. 2 minutes.

Based on a Poem by Jüri Üdi

Caroline Leaf:

The Street

Canada, 1976. 10 minutes.

Based on a short story by Mordecai Richler

Jonathan Hodgson:

Man with the Beautiful Eyes

United Kingdom, 1999. 6 minutes.

Based on a poem by Charles Bukowski

Eva Cvijanović:

Hedgehog's Home

Canada, Croatia, 2017. 10 minutes.

Based on the classic story by Branko Ćopić

TAFF Pro Panorama

Twisted Impact

International Competition 1

Films in this screening:

Mario Radev:


United Kingdom, 2024. 12 minutes.

[S] is an artwork that exposes the lifespan of infinity. The film delves into an immersive loop of organic forms, reflecting on the entangled nature of life and art.

Zarja Menart:

Three Birds
(Tri ticice)

Slovenia, 2024. 18 minutes.

A wise birdwoman sends three birds to guide a girl into the dark unknown landscapes of her inner world.

Catherine Buffat, Jean-Luc Greco:

A Very Twisted Tale
(Un conte très tordu)

France, 2024. 14 minutes.

Every evening, Brindone, a teenager, goes to bed before the end of the TV programs. Every evening, instead of going to bed discreetly, his big brother Musclor turns on the light in their shared bedroom to annoy him. Every evening the same routine. Brindone can’t take it anymore.

Shuxin Yan WANG:

Macro Micro

Hong Kong, 2024. 1 minutes.

Macro Micro is a short film that explores the micro and macro aspects of Hong Kong city. The film brings to light the melody of the surroundings that we often overlook. It invites us to re-examine the environment we live in and enjoy the sound and visuals of the city.

Mansi Maheshwari:


United Kingdom, 2024. 9 minutes.

Bobby loves her mum. She trusts her. Their relationship is UNBREAKABLE. Or so she thinks. When she is surprised by a last minute trip to the hospital, an innocent check-up soon turns into a twisted lie. As she tries to escape this deranged nightmare, she realises that there is only one person to blame for all this … mum.

Yingdan Lai:


United States, 2024. 7 minutes.

A love-hate relationship between a girl and her pet fish which leads to regret.

Tomek Popakul, Kasumi Ozeki:


Poland, 2023. 26 minutes.

It grows slowly as an icicle, but one day it drops and crashes. Anka loves cats. And Jesus. In a winter silence the lagoon freezes and the unspoken resurfaces like crack on ice. Mosaic portrait of a small fisherman’s village where human to human, human to animal, animal to animal interdepend on a delicate balance of warm tender care and cold emotional cruelty. An eerie story of loneliness and community narrated with magical realism.

International Competition 1

Lost & Found

International Competition 2

Films in this screening:

Nicolas KEPPENS:

Beautiful Men

Belgium, 2023. 19 minutes.

Three balding brothers travel to Istanbul to get a hair transplant. Stuck with each other in a hotel far from home, their insecurities grow faster than their hair.

Ada Napiorkowski:


Estonia, 2024. 5 minutes.

Like each year, the swifts are coming back to their homes in the sleeping districts. This time they don’t find any humans. The space is filled with spirits.

Ziyin Wang:

Ice Rink

China, 2024. 10 minutes.

The story revolves around me as the protagonist, reminiscing about past memories while sitting alone under a tree in front of the ice rink late at night. Feeling uncertain about the future and confused by past memories, I contemplate. A chance encounter with a stranger leads to a conversation where we share stories about feelings of security and loneliness during growth. Through this exchange, I realized that everyone experiences confusion and loneliness at times and that mutual support can provide warmth and encouragement. In parallel, there’s a subplot involving the stranger’s high school classmate, the “Chemistry Class Representative,” who ran away from school due to unnoticed psychological struggles. Here, I employ the metaphor of the ‘elephant in the room.’ Feeling lonely and helpless, with no sense of belonging, he chose to run away. Throughout the film, the Chemistry Class Representative is on the run, searching for a place where he can feel safe and warm. In the second chapter, “Big Animals,” he transforms into a small elephant in the darkness and finds the rest of the herd. They communicate with each other, providing warmth and solace to one another. I believe adolescence’s confusion doesn’t have quick fixes. Yet, sharing feelings with understanding friends helps us navigate and move forward. Emotions are universal, but life sometimes dulls our empathy, hindering understanding. I hope everyone’s inner struggles can be noticed by themselves and understood by others. As dawn breaks, I gather myself and move forward toward the skating rink, embracing a new beginning.

Luciana Martinez:


Argentina, 2024. 6 minutes.

A strange animal survives a fire and walks through a burned forest desperately searching for its home. Its nest is in ashes. In the midst of its pain, it discovers moisture in its tears, and embarks on a sensory search for something living to feed.

Alice SAEY:


France, 2024. 17 minutes.

Pushed to their limit, the Manta Rays rise up against Man to take control of the Earth; it is the dawning of a new Flat era.

Nikki Schuster:


Austria, 2023. 7 minutes.

“subotopic” is the immediate perception of fantastic and convoluted existences, visualized through movement and light. Existing parallel worlds under water are made visible and new utopias are created. The gaze dives below the water surface downwards through a bizarre growth of images. In macroscopic single-frame animation, various plant formations and arthropods pass by the viewer until we are immersed once again in a surface of light. Water spaces and light surfaces alternate, above and below, inside and outside dissolve. A dive into a mystical underwater world where reality and utopia meet.

Alexey Sukhov:

The Mole

Russian Federation, 2023. 14 minutes.

Victor, at the request of his wife, goes for a pipe cleaning liquid “The Mole”. On the way, he reflects and philosophizes, but a sudden incident leads him to a memory loss. Thus, a series of events is launched in which the hero is forced to try on different essences of the word Mole.

International Competition 2

Imagined Connections

International Competition 3

Films in this screening:

Yanqi Liang:


China, 2023. 7 minutes.

“Bergamot”, also translated as “Buddha’s hand”, explores the binary mother-daughter relationship as it shifts as it grows. Buddha’s hand and hand are similar but different, opposites but compatible, referring to the mother-daughter relationship, resembling but refusing to resemble, contradicting but adhering to each other, separating but connecting.

Ryo Orikasa:

Miserable Miracle

France, 2023. 8 minutes.

Inspired by the poems and drawings of Henri Michaux about his experience with Mescaline, Miserable Miracle explores the limits of language and perception, creating connections between sound, meaning, shapes and movement.

Tan Lui Chan:

Keep Out

Hong Kong, 2024. 8 minutes.

Individuals live in tiny, isolated rooms away from the hazards of the outside world. They make a living through live video streaming, connecting with others in the virtual realm. Yet, on one fateful day, a chubby boy stumbles upon an unexpected secret.

Alexey Evstigneev:

Father's Letters

France, 2024. 12 minutes.

In 1934, Professor Vangengheim is condemned to the Gulag on the Solovki. As he pretends to be on a grand voyage of exploration, he crafts imaginative tales in letters to his daughter Eleonora, shielding her from the truth of his sentencing as a “traitor to the motherland”.

Cheyenne Goudswaard:

I Am Here
(Ik Ben Hier)

Netherlands, 2023. 5 minutes.

The fear of oblivion can be overwhelming, but it can also be a driving force. Ik Ben Hier / I Am Here explores the need to imprint ourselves onto the world and build a legacy.

Veljko Popovic, Milivoj Popovic:

Zarko, You Will Spoil the Child!
(Zarko, razmazit ces dite!)

Croatia, 2024. 14 minutes.

The film recounts the memories of a childhood in Split in the 1980s. These are stories retold after Sunday lunch when everyone is in a good mood, stories filled with emotions we can easily relate to. But above all, the film is a moving tribute to the love of a grandpa and grandma who did their best to keep their granddaughter smiling.

Gianluigi Toccafondo:

La Voix des Sirènes

Italy, 2023. 20 minutes.

In the heart of the seabed, between rocks and corals primitive seaweed ripples, cradled by the muffled sound of roiling currents. Up there, on the surface of the water, something extraordinary has just appeared: a voice. So soft and seductive that it’s unlike anything we’ve heard before.

Maria Zilli:

Giovanna and the big peacock

Italy, 2023. 3 minutes.

Giovanna Is a warrior. She Is wandering on her horse in a colorful gummy world in search of a mysterious creature, until…a rhythmic sound shakes her. All of a sudden Giovanna wakes up in the greyness of the real world

International Competition 3

Mysterious Visions

International Competition 4

Films in this screening:



Switzerland, 2023. 9 minutes.

Vladimir and Olga raise ducks on a small isolated farm in the countryside. They hope for a child, but this expectation soon turns into a nightmare.

Niles Atallah:


Chile, 2023. 14 minutes.

In a fable made by hyper-mechanisms of the future, a message in an algorithmic bottle relives a story of extinction from the past to a clay humanoid in the present.

Pablo Ballarín:

A border guard and his dog

Spain, 2023. 3 minutes.

A visit to the border between Belarus and Poland

Alexandra Ramires, Laura Gonçalves:


France, 2024. 11 minutes.

With the sea and the urban Algarve as a background, we follow a complete cycle of the life of a special shellfish called PERCEBES, goose barnacle. From their formation, to the dish, in this journey, we cross different contexts that allow us to better understand this region and those who live there.

Çağıl Harmandar:


Japan, 2023. 7 minutes.

Eyes are magical spheres that make up dreams and retain memories. In our eyes, the visions of the within and of the beyond overlap. New worlds come to be when our gazes meet.

Eleni Aerts:

Red Meat

Belgium, 2024. 6 minutes.

A visualization of pain and discomfort.

Florence Miailhe:

Papillon (Butterfly)

France, 2024. 15 minutes.

In the sea, a man swims. As he does, memories come to the surface. From his early childhood to his life as a man, all his memories are linked to water. Some are happy, some glorious, some traumatic. This story will be that of his last swim. It will take us from the source to the river – from the waters of childhood pools to those of swimming pools – from a North African country to the shores of the Mediterranean – from Olympic stadiums to water retention basins – from concentration camp to the dream beaches of Reunion.


Wander to Wonder

Belgium, 2023. 14 minutes.

Mary, Billybud and Fumbleton are three miniature, human actors who perform in an eighties kids TV series called “Wander to Wonder”. After the creator of the series has died, they are left alone in the studio. With their slowly decaying costumes and growing hunger, they continue to make increasingly strange episodes for their fans.

International Competition 4

All or Nothing

International Competition 5

Films in this screening:

Luca Tóth:

Vegan Mayo

Hungary, 2024. 5 minutes.

She is all that: A super empath, a justice warrior and your favourite confidence queen… but then again maybe just a sausage.


Via Dolorosa

France, 2023. 11 minutes.

Between drug addiction, first discoveries of sexuality and a permanent state of war, the filmmaker searches for her lost youth by wandering the streets of Jerusalem.

Max Hattler:


Germany, 2023. 5 minutes.

Taking inspiration from 20th-century avant-garde experiments in graphical sound generation, the entire image in O/S functions as an optical soundtrack. Abstract motion becomes sound. What you hear is exactly what you see.

Bianca Caderas, Kerstin Zemp:

Matta and Matto

Switzerland, 2023. 10 minutes.

In a dystopian world where touch is forbidden, Matta and Matto offer refuge to the lonely at Hotel Vaip. In the deceptive labyrinth of mind bending rooms at their transient hotel, deepest desires are fulfilled and surpassed, but this comes at a price.

Bianca Scali:

it's just a whole

Germany, 2023. 11 minutes.

“She knew this day would come and the choice she’d have to make. But as it finally comes, Maya cannot wrap her head around it. A mole – it’s so small, so insignificant, just a mark… How can it be so hard to part from it? Can Maya ever feel whole again when a bit of her is taken away?”

José Prats:


United Kingdom, 2024. 9 minutes.

Pedro, 72, is trying to deal with the imminent departure of his son moving away from home. Alex, 38, has landed a job as a nurse all the way in England and knows that moving will be hard for his father. As they go on one last hunt, which is filled with repressed words and feelings, they discover that their dog Canela has swallowed fox poison. Alex and Pedro both deal with this tragedy with opposing views. Will this disaster help them to bond and finally connect over the deep sadness Pedro feels?

Monsieur Pimpant:

The Choolers: Fish and Meat
(The Choolers: Viandes & Poissons)

Belgium, 2023. 13 minutes.

“Viandes et Poisson” pulls you into the world of experimental hip-hop group Choolers Division, whose members are artists-in-residence at the art brut center La S in Belgium. From a humorous crescendo of energy, they create a new song, setting intuition and emotion to a beat, giving a glimpse into a cacophony of deep friendship and unbridled creativity in a world that often seeks to ignore them.

Stephen Vuillemin:

A kind of Testament
(Un genre de testament)

France, 2023. 16 minutes.

A young woman comes across animations on the Internet that have clearly been created from her private selfies. An unknown female with the same name confesses to identity theft. But death is quicker than the answer to the question: “Why?”

International Competition 5

Finnish Gems

National Competition

Films in this screening:

Emma Louhivuori:

An Announcement

Finland, 2024. 5 minutes."}" data-sheets-userformat="{"2":4225,"3":{"1":0},"10":2,"15":"Arial"}">Miss Emma is looking for new friends. Could you be one? The mailbox is open until the day miss Emma dies:">

Elli Vuorinen:

Flower Show

Finland, 2024. 9 minutes.

Girls have been cultivated like flowers for generations. We need more growing seasons to breed new ways into the system.

Albert Aleksanteri Laine:


Finland, 2024. 8 minutes.

Closer is a jagged existential animation about how the perspective to life can change. It tells the story of an old artist, broken by his difficult memories. It is an animated short film made by one person about closeness, love, acceptance and healing.

Wing Ki Hui:


Finland, 2024. 6 minutes.

Plastic tape unleashed a deeply emotional journey that delves into the old home of a young lady. The house she once left stirred up haunting memories that stuck somewhere in her mind.

Samppa Kukkonen:

Paddle Boat

Finland, 2023. 16 minutes.

A foolish man leaves his family on the shore and travels through humanity’s mistakes on a rickety paddle boat.

Matti Luukko:

Rise and Shine

Finland, 2023. 5 minutes.

Time to brush your teeth, set the alarm and hug the pillow! Tomorrow you can face the new day feeling fresh and well rested. But what does your body go through during your slumber?

Heta Okkonen:


Finland, 2024. 3 minutes.

Girl tries to escape the noise of the mind, thoughts and memories that fill the spaces. Is there peace to be found from yourself?

Henna Välkky, Erik Lehtola:

Bright White Light

Finland, 2023. 14 minutes.

Bright White Light is a short animated documentary exploring near-death experiences through five culturally diverse narratives, using real audio recordings. Through experimental visuals, it guides viewers on a transcendent voyage beyond mortality, unveiling how these experiences profoundly impact the essence of life, blurring the boundaries between existence and the mysteries of the afterlife.

Venla Linna:

Heavenly Vessel

United Kingdom, 2023. 2 minutes.

The uneasy stasis of a space-dwelling Monarchy is shaken by the arrival of a hypnotic, luminous dwarf planet. Caught between the authoritarian Duke and the impulsive Prince, all will come to light. Heavenly Vessel, seeks to explore the fear of transformation and change.

Iiti Yli-Harja:

I Smell A Mouse

Finland, 2024. 18 minutes.

A documentary puppet animation about Iiti’s moving in day. Like a sign from the universe for her poor life choices, there seems to be a nightmarish mouse lurking in the shadows of her new home. Iiti has to get rid of the mouse by whatever means necessary. She arms herself with mouse traps, lethal spray and even an ultrasonic repellent. But the nasty mouse problem just escalates and ultimately leads Iiti to a strange coincidence. Could Iiti be a mouse herself?

National Competition

Curious Quests

Junior 1
Content warnings for this screening will be added soon

Films in this screening:

Alexey Alexeev:

Clawlolo (Gramophone)

Cyprus, 2024. 3 minutes.

“The Gramophone” is an animated short and joyful non-dialogue children’s musical being part of the “Clawlolo” series for children that originated from the imagination of twin brothers from Hungary six years ago when they were just 10 years old.

Geza M. Toth:

Shorts from the Box / Never Give Up

Hungary, 2023. 7 minutes.

Think outside the box! The latest short created by KEDD, one of Hungary’s most prominent animation studios. The last matchstick left in an old matchbox pops out and goes on its journey. After many funny adventures it always ends up in the same place, it returns to the same box, but never in the same way. Don’t play with matches, let the matches play with you!

André Carrilho:

The Girl With The Occupied Eyes
(A Menina com os Olhos Ocupados)

Portugal, 2024. 8 minutes.

A girl wanders through the city, countryside, beach, always clutching a phone from which she never takes her eyes off. Along the way, she comes across a group of characters that include a bear, dolphins, pirates, an alien. Everyone tries to captivate her and draw her attention, but she is indifferent to everything around her. After a series of adventures that include a brief space trip, the girl lands in a circus and climbs up a roller coaster. What no one expected was that, during the dizzying journey, the phone would slip out of her hands, only to fall apart on the ground.

Nora Fossan, Filip Dobeš:

Blowing off Steam

Norway, 2023. 3 minutes.

This student film from Norway conveys the relatable feeling of being in an uncomfortable situation beyond one’s control. It mixes 3D animation with stop motion effects to achieve a tangible and immersive quality.

Maša Avramović:

Baking With Boris

France, 2023. 8 minutes.

Every morning, Boris the village baker makes a fresh batch of crusty bread and pastries for all his neighbours until… Achoo! He can’t stop sneezing. He has become allergic to flour. How will he manage to keep baking for everyone in the village?

Ignas Meilūnas:

Hoofs on Skates

Lithuania, 2024. 12 minutes.

In a winter wonderland two friends are having a blast ice-skating on a frozen lake when suddenly a strange and unfamiliar world cracks open underneath them. Now they must learn how to deal with the other kind, not letting the fear and preconceptions rule.

Junior 1
Content warnings for this screening will be added soon

Tough Obstacles

Junior 2
Content warnings for this screening will be added soon

Films in this screening:

Anya Amosova:

High Frequency
(Haute fréquence)

France, 2023. 4 minutes.

In a world of her own, a young sound engineer spends all her time recording the sounds of the city. That is, until she encounters a man and succeeds in picking up on his inner melody…

Martin Smatana, Veronika Zacharová:

Hello Summer
(Ahoj leto)

Slovakia, 2024. 11 minutes.

Sea, sun, beaches and family holidays.But what if the hotel isn’t as stellar as promised, your room has a bit of a naughty view, the dinner is surprisingly exotic and your luggage travels elsewhere?

Leonor Pacheco, Dimitrije Mihajlovic:

Just Little Imps

Portugal, 2023. 3 minutes.

A little girl struggles to fall asleep, but every time she closes her eyes, small impish creatures appear from the darkness.

Yiling Zeng:

Flower Lantern in the Woods

China, 2023. 6 minutes.

A timid rabbit roams in the woods looking for a proper shelter. Waked up by a gleam of light one night, she encounters a mysterious shadow. As the unforeseen danger approaches, a mouse with a flower lantern comes into her sight.

Emma Richey:

Circle of Dew (Daggdröm)

Sweden, 2024. 4 minutes.

In a park at night, ghosts from discarded bottles come to life. They gather to dance and conjure up rain that they drink with relish. However the sun rises and they eventually melt into dew.

Liisi Grünberg:


Estonia, 2023. 10 minutes.

Digital pet cat Miisu gets tired of her owner and starts to revolt. Inspired by Tamagotchi, Miisufy observes the world through the eyes of digital pets.

Marion Jamault:


France, 2024. 9 minutes.

Every night, Paulette observes the same shooting star in the sky. She makes her deepest wish : to find her mysteriously missing pet rat. The days go by, but the animal doesn’t return. Paulette wants to understand what’s wrong with her star.

Junior 2
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Puzzling Progress

Junior 3
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Films in this screening:



France, 2023. 13 minutes.

Yuck! Couples kissing on the mouth are gross. And the worst is, you can’t miss them: when people are about to kiss, their lips become all pink and shiny. Little Léo laughs at them, just like all the kids at the summer camp. But he has a secret he won’t tell his friends: his own mouth has actually begun glistening. And, in reality, Léo desperately wants to give kissing a try.

Daria Volchok:


Russian Federation, 2023. 2 minutes.

The story of the difference in the perception of time. The main character is rushing forward while the crowd is frozen waiting for the green traffic light.

Matteo Salanave Piazza:

Noodles au Naturel
(Frite sans maillot)

France, 2023. 4 minutes.

In the changing room, Antoine discovers that he’s forgotten his swimming costume. The swimming class is about to begin – he needs to work out what to do.

Ali Masoumi:


Iran, 2024. 6 minutes.

The impact of positive and negative actions and reactions of parents on the mind and behavior of children from childhood to adulthood

Daan Lucas:


Netherlands, 2023. 9 minutes.

Two gnomes are chased by a flood, caused by the tears of a childish king. When they meet, the king starts playing with them, smiles, and the sun shines again. Alas, we discover why after sunshine, it’s raining again…


My name is Edgar and I have a cow
(Jmenuju se Edgar a mam kravu)

Czech Republic, 2023. 8 minutes.

Edgar’s ordinary life is disrupted by a newborn calf he sees on a tourist trip to a slaughterhouse.

Junior 3
Content warnings for this screening will be added soon



Films in this screening:

Daphna Awadish Golan:

Swimming with Wings

Netherlands, 2023. 11 minutes.

A short animated documentary exploring the immigration experience through the eyes of a little Israeli girl learning how to swim with clothes on in the Netherlands.

Samantha Moore:

Visible Mending

United Kingdom, 2023. 9 minutes.

A short animated documentary about love, death, and knitting.

Oscar Renni, Adina Oana Enache:

Rosaria's marriage

Italy, 2024. 4 minutes.

An interview with my grandmother talking about her old wedding. We know it wasn’t a good marriage, the one with a fisherman, and my grandmother doesn’t want to remember it. She tells us about the good days spent at the sea, about a fish caught and eaten, about her.

Eugen Bilankov:


Croatia, 2024. 5 minutes.

A movie about a breakup. The narrative develops through the author’s conversations with his long-time partner, and follows the contemplation of the end of a nine-year romantic relationship. The sound design of the film is constructed using documentary techniques, while animation illustrates the psychological and emotional spaces of these ‘breakup’ conversations. To depict the randomness of subconscious thoughts and emotional states, the author experiments with visuals that incorporate elements of the surreal, making the connections between frames associative. The film reflects on the dual purpose of the artistic endeavor: compressing and archiving a portion of personal history in the medium of film and using it as a form of therapeutic self-exploration and experimentation.

Margherita Giusti:

The Meatseller

Italy, 2023. 17 minutes.

The Meatseller is the true story of Selinna Ajamikoko, a young Nigerian woman who dreams to become a meatseller like her mom. In order to achieve her dream, she begins her voyage towards Italy, an experience full of atrocity and bestiality. This animated journey, led by Selinna’s own voice, guides us through the quest for identity that characterizes every human being.

Nonisha Negi:

What We Talk When We Talk About Fruits

India, 2024. 5 minutes.

Slicing through the endless flavours of memories and falling into the arms of nostalgia, people retell their bitter, sweet and sour stories around fruits.

Cynthia Calvi:


France, 2023. 14 minutes.

From the tormented little mermaid to the fulfilled woman she is today, Gigi tells us about her gender transition with humor and sensitivity.

International Panorama


Films in this screening:

Sean Pecknold:

Tennis, Oranges

United States, 2024. 11 minutes.

A robotic vacuum suffering from burnout quits its job at a hospital and sets out to find community and a greater purpose on a quiet street where two lonely rabbits are stuck in perpetual loops.


The Point of Permanence

Japan, 2024. 10 minutes.

From the creation of the human race to its final destination of being trapped in the point of permanence.

Laura Vandewynckel:

Le Crépuscule

Belgium, 2023. 14 minutes.

The sun shines fully and generously on a square brimming with people, enjoying her light and warmth to the fullest. A flux of newspapers whirls down, gently spreading seeds of unrest amongst the bathers. Unrest turns to fear, when a sudden eclipse clads the square in total darkness. The minds grow desperate for light. Then the sun slowly subsides…

Stas Santimov:

Spooky Loops

Ukraine, 2024. 4 minutes.

Spooky Loops is a compilation of independent films of 13 ultra-short animated stories about dreams, fears, loneliness, injustice, violence, cruelty, and inhumanity.

Jan Saska:


Czech Republic, 2024. 13 minutes.

Hurikán rushes to save his favourite beer stand from closure by fetching a new keg to impress the bartender he crushes on. In a wild Prague district, he faces robbers, cops, and his own thirst. Despite getting the keg, he succumbs to temptation.

Pablo Ballarín:

Point and Line to Cosmos

Estonia, 2023. 8 minutes.

A cosmic entity talks to humankind. Meanwhile, three dinosaurs cross the desert guided by a shooting star.

Alessandro Novelli:

De Imperio

Portugal, 2023. 13 minutes.

During a peaceful night, a group of fugitives tries to find its way to the center of the building, where the entire resistance is gathering. Evading the surveillance, they go through the rooms of the Giants and witness their macabre routines.

Nicolás Petelski:

Godspeed Cowboy

France, 2024. 3 minutes.

A lonesome Cowboy receives an unexpected visit


Music Videos

Films in this screening:

Agnès Patron, Morgane Le Péchon:


France, 2023. 5 minutes.

On a cool summer night, animals with eyes full of light leave the forest to venture into the alleys of a suburban neighbourhood. Four children sneak out of their beds, and stars begin to fall from the sky. By the morning everything will have changed, but for now let’s run!

Stéphane Berla:

À toi

France, 2023. 3 minutes.

We follow the growth of two characters, a red boy symbolizing masculinity and reality, and a blue girl embodying the feminine ideal and dreams. Each builds their own identity and cultivates their differences, only to meet again in adulthood to create a common work and merge their colors into a new one.

CIANG, Matteo Dang Minh, Francesca Colombara:

Boy Blue

Italy, 2023. 4 minutes.

A seashell on the ocean floor opens, revealing a shape-shifting elephant inside. The elephant emerges from the water and crosses a forest, eventually arriving in a small town with a row of beautiful houses. One house, in particular, stands out among the others, surrounded by dense vegetation and crowned by a dark cloud. The elephant peers over the fence and spots the melancholic Boy Blue.

Claudia Cortès Espejo, Margot Reumont:

Cut Short Crisply

Belgium, 2023. 4 minutes.

The team of a restaurant prepares the setting of the evening’s shift. As the customers arrive, the pace quickens, the restaurant room is full and the stomachs are filled. The kitchen is literally overflowing

Katalin Egely:

To know to fall is a science
(Saber cair é uma ciencia )

Portugal, 2023. 2 minutes.

A charming musical short with songs in Spanish about adopted parents and children.

Ingrid Heiderscheidt:

Sexual Misery
(Misère sexuelle)

Belgium, 2023. 5 minutes.

Brussels. In some parts of the city, women are very familiar with a phenomenon which is as widespread here as elsewhere: they attract attention, even if they do not want it, and then there are remarks, proposals, ‘compliments’ and finally insults.

Michelle Brand:

I'm Leaving
(Je Pars)

Germany, 2023. 4 minutes.

As the night comes, the journey begins. Running rushing, racing. Unbound from time and swept away by the night’s surreal cascade of lights, we leave day-life behind.

Håvard Skeide Glad:

Theo Myling - my heart is in limbo

Norway, 2023. 4 minutes.

A heartbroken man stuck in grief, is looking out his window towards a past love, in his floating house amongst the stars. Myling, a mysterious entity, appears and delves into the dark depths of the hidden basement, to find and uproot the pulsating source. As the entity rips out the growth, the man must confront his fiery pain, to ultimately be able to step outside and move on.

Mattis Dovier, Yoann Dovier:


France, 2023. 2 minutes.

During a performance in the Moscow underground, the group IC3PEAK invoked an evil entity: Kim Dracula, in the form of a giant worm.

Carlon Hardt, Rimon Guimarães:

Laguna Plena

Brazil, 2024. 4 minutes.

In a setting of natural plenitude, a mystical figure, embodiment of the feminine origin, encounters a wild horse with which she embarks on an ancestral journey of union with nature. An ode to purity, to harmony with the natural, to the pursuit of unbridled freedom, celebrating love in its most natural and raw form.

Pearl Seemann:

Opto Optics

Germany, 2024. 4 minutes.

A man gets lost trying to obtain ingredients for his dinner.

Tarafu Otani:

Mind Replacer

Japan, 2024. 2 minutes.

HOSHIMIYA TOTO is a VR singer without a physical body. At their live performances, many audience members are enthralled by their flat avatars on the screen. It is as if a physical being is there, The desire to become one with them separates our body and spirit. The line between reality and VR is very blurred today. Our psyche, which has left the body, is becoming a new life form, combining, disintegrating, and replacing each other. The classic motif of “primitive eroticism,” which requires the body to become one with the spirit, is depicted through a VR singer in this music video.

Erentia Bedeker:

Wildlife Cameraman (Summer Farm)

United Kingdom, 2023. 4 minutes.

Wildlife Cameraman (Summer Farm) is a music video/poetry film based on the poem “Summer Farm” by Scottish poet Norman MacCaig with music and lyrics by Scott William Urquhart & Constant Follower. The film focuses on the connection between nature and our inner world. McCaig’s poem looks outward to nature, noticing the simplistic details which become a metaphysic web that connects all living things. The expansiveness of nature often triggers an inward journey when we feel disconnected from ourselves and the world around us. The true self manifests as the inner child who is always true and pure no matter what hardships we might face. We can lose touch with our inner child, but the connection can never be severed. We can always find our way back to ourselves and to nature.

Marie Opron:

The Time
(Le Temps)

France, 2023. 4 minutes.

Project of animated music video

Jeremy Boulard, Paul Bourgois:

Doughy the Doggy

France, 2023. 3 minutes.

In the middle of the ocean, a gigantic column gives birth to a small creature half dog, half pig. Driven by the pulsation of an electro-surf music, she will have to ride the wave of her life to join.

Award Ceremony

Awarding ceremony for all the winning films of TAFF 2024

Palkintoseremonia kaikille TAFF 2024 voittaja filmeille

The Best of TAFF 2024

The Award winning films of TAFF 2024. Films in this screening will be revealed in the Award Ceremony on Saturday 24.5.!

TAFF 2024 palkitut elokuvat. Näytöksen elokuvat paljastetaan lauantaina 24.5. palkintoseremoniassa!

The Audience Choice

Screening will show the best films chosen by the audience. Screening ends with the winner of the Audience Choice award!

Näytöksessä esitetään yleisön suosikkifilmit. Näytös päättyy Audience Award -palkinnon voittajaan!

Turku Animation School 30 years

Screening celebrating 30 years of animation education in Turku. Featuring films from four different decades and showcasing the rich tapestry of animation artistry grown in Turku!

Works of Katariina Lillqvist

A dive into the works of award winning director, screenwriter, author and most of all animator, Katariina Lillqvist.

Henkilökuva Katariina Lillqvististä.
Katariina Lillqvist.

20 Years of Freedom

Since 2004 Animaatiokopla has been doing animation with a big heart!

Films in this screening:

Maria Björklund:

Summer in Helsinki
(Helsingin kesä)

Finland, 2011. 9 minutes.

Summer in Helsinki is an experimental portrait of a city during summertime – it’s people, animals, happenings, weather and moods. The director has documented life in Helsinki by animating out in the parks, on the squares and at the beach every day during a whole summer, thus producing the raw material for this film.

Kaisa Penttilä, Reetta Neittaanmäki:

The Plastic Godzilla of the Baltic Sea
(Itämeren Muovigodzilla)

Finland, 2017. 3 minutes.

The plastic Godzilla of the Baltic Sea is coming soon. It’s catastrophic!

Jan Andersson:

The Illustrated City

Finland, 2010. 4 minutes.

Jessica Koivistoinen:


Finland, 2015. 3 minutes.

The surrounding world is full of squiggly waves of lines. Surfaces where you can see swarming dots and tunnels that sink into infinity.

Reetta Aalto:

Pussy for Beginners

Finland, 2015. 4 minutes.

Kim Helminen:

The Little Piglet
(Pieni Porsas)

Finland, 2006. 1 minutes.

Leena Jääskeläinen:


Finland, 2017. 2 minutes.

An experimental short film about movement and meeting. Contact! explores differences and similarities between dancing and martial arts aikido and judo. Technique is hand painted digital animation. Contact! was originally a projected animation installation without any sound. Both the director and musical composer of the film version of Contact! hold a black belt in aikido.

Erika Weiste, Reetta Neittaanmäki:


Finland, 2017. 12 minutes.

The experimental animation documentary examines memory processes via the recollections of four elderly interviewees. What are the memories that linger, and what kinds of memories are recollected, when a person is requested to tell their life story freely, without being directed towards any subjects or themes?

Maria Björklund:

The Crayfish party

Finland, 2020. <1 minutes.

Juho Luukkainen:

Baby with a Playlist

Finland, 2019. 10 minutes.

Leena Jääskeläinen, Kaisa Penttilä:

Råt Boris quits drinking
(Råtta Booris lopettaa juomisen)

Finland, 2015. 4 minutes.

Boris. A Rat with issues. He decides to mend his ways which soon attracts the attention of the police. Anneli the Baltic Herring, Boris ́s best friend is deeply embarrassed. Boris is soon to learn the lesson of his life.

Jan Andersson:


Finland, 2010. 4 minutes.

Kaisa Penttilä:

The Battling Centaurs
(Taistelevat Kentaurit)

Finland, 2022. 3 minutes.

A music video for a song by the orchestra Hussun Tussun. The song is based on a graphic work called Kämfende Kentauren by the artist Max Klinger(1881).

TAFF Pro Lecture by Leo Viirret

Join an award-winning script writer, Leo Viirret, on his lecture about writing, scripts and their connection to animation! After the lecture Viirret will show us how its done, at his script-writing workshop!

TAFF Pro Script Writing Workshop


Award-winning scriptwriter Leo Viirret is showing how it’s done on his script writing workshop!


TAFF Pro Lecture by Katariina Lillqvist

An award-winning director, screenwriter, author and most of all animator, Katariina Lillqvist is giving the first of TAFF Pro 2024’s keynote lectures. On Saturday you are able to dive into her works, in our special screening of Katariina’s works!

Katariina Lillqvist henkilökuvassa.

TAFF Pro Lecture by Niki Lindroth VOn Bahr

The second Keynote Lecture of TAFF Pro 2024 is presented by Niki Lindroth Von Bahr, a Stockholm based animation director, who has had their multiple award-winning shortfilms in many festivals, such as Cannes, Berlinale, Toronto and Sundance!

TAFF Pro Panel Discussion

Mika Koskinen is hosting TAFF Pro 2024’s Panel Discussion. As the panelists we offer you our second Keynote-speaker Niki Lindroth Von Bahr, Katja Kettu and CHRZU!