Few words on Accessibility and Safer Space at Turku Animated Film Festival

This year, TAFF is expanding its reach of venues compared to the past few years. For this reason, it’s a good time to update our accessibility information.

TAFF screenings will take place at the Aurinkobaletti Manilla Theatre, where we’ll also return to the Jo-Jo Theatre. This year, TAFF Pro Forum will be held at the Manilla Viinatehdas. In addition to these venues, the non-stop screening in collaboration with Turun Anikistit and Finnish Animation Guild will be hosted at the Taiteen talo Media Studios. Taiteen talo will also host the TAFF Junior workshop on Saturday. Our outdoor screening will once again be held at Kirjakahvila.

Aurinkobaletti and Viinatehdas are the only fully accessible venues for people using mobility aids. Taiteen talo is partially accessible, but Jo-Jo Theater and Brinkkala yard (of Kirjakahvila) are not accessible with mobility aids. You can read detailed information about each venue from our Accessibility and Safety page.

This year, TAFF’s free program includes an outdoor screening of the animated documentary ‘Flee’, a children’s animation workshop, and a non-stop screening at Taiteen talo. Children and teens under 16 years old can attend TAFF Junior screenings for free. Individuals with low income can purchase screening tickets for 7 euros. You can find detailed instructions on our Timetable and Tickets page.

We want TAFF to be an inspiring, relaxed, and safe space for everyone! We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment at the festival.

Since 2023, we have been a part of the Keep Festive community, whose goal is to promote comfort and safety for all participants in animation industry events. Keep Festive stands against any inappropriate behavior and harassment.

We expect everyone visiting the festival to abide by the rules of a safer space and to respect the personal psychological and physical boundaries of others. Please refrain from using discriminatory or derogatory language, embarrassing others, making assumptions, or engaging in any disrespectful behavior. Many of our films address sensitive topics, so in discussions, please remember to respect people’s privacy and address intimate subjects with consideration. You can read our principles of spacer from Accessibility and Safety page.

From the page you will also find information about our content warnings for the films. The content warnings will be updated to the site by Monday August 21st.