Meet our jury for Turku Animated Film Festival 2023!

We’re thrilled to present the esteemed members of our jury for Turku Animated Film Festival 2023! With diverse backgrounds in the animation industry, they bring their experience and knowledge to the table with their critical eye when deciding the fate of our Grand Prix.

You can enjoy our jury’s films in the Jury-screening, on Saturday 2pm. The directors will be present during the screening. You can buy tickets to the screening from our Timetable and tickets -page.

Kaisa Penttilä is an animation screenwriter and director born in Helsinki. She studied animation in Turku, Finland during the 1990s and later completed her Master’s degree at Aalto University. With over three decades of experience as a freelancer in the industry, she co-founded Animaatiokopla in Helsinki and has directed numerous award-winning short films, music videos, and TV series. Currently, she is working on a feature-length animated film in collaboration with Leena Jääskeläinen. Besides animation, Penttilä is passionate about exercise and playing the trumpet.

Thomas Renoldner is an Austrian artist with a focus on experimental film. Music, drawing, painting, installation and performance have been his artistic interests from his youth and many of these artistic approaches can also be found in his films. His career started with self-taught Super-8 films with first investigations of the possibilities of cinema, before going the academic route and studying animation in the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Since then Thomas’s work has explored multiple emotions and techniques, finding ways for cinema to open new perspectives for our perception of time and space.

A retrospective screening celebrating Thomas’ career and films from 1980 to 2020’s is screened after the Jury-screening on Saturday 4pm. You can buy the tickets to the screening from our Timetable and tickets -page. You can read more about Thomas’ films, interests and ideas in his own words from our news HERE.

Aline Höchli is a visual artist known for her animated films. She studied at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in film, specializing in 2D animation. In 2016, she founded the animation film studio Tricksfilms – now Koloss.
Her first self-produced short film “Cuckoo” premiered at the Locarno Film Festival and was shown at several film festivals in Europe and abroad. Aline was then artistic director for the film adaptation of her short story “Why Slugs Have No Legs” that won the prize for best animated film at the Warsaw Film Festival.
Aline Höchli is currently working on other short film projects in Bern, Switzerland, including “Caries“, which is scheduled for release in 2024.