How is the festival organization going?


Now that new Covid-19 cases are increasing and the region of Southwest Finland has entered the spread phase, we must introduce the most limited festival arrangements so that we can still organize a delightful and safe festival for everyone at the end of the month.


“Due to changing constraints and the tediously evolving corona situation, we still have to wait a moment with schedules and the opening of the ticket shop. In the meantime, we hope everyone will take care of themselves and each other and get vaccinated if possible,” says festival director Kimmo Sillanmikko.


We have added a Safety-page to our website, where we will update the festival’s safety instructions according to the information provided by the authorities. We hope everyone joining the festival will read them through beforehand. We will also inform those who buy our tickets and our volunteers of the current instructions by e-mail before the start of the event.


With the current arrangements, we follow the Southwest Finland Regional State Administrative Agency’s restrictions set on 4.8. Naturally, we will react if the situation still changes. With these restrictions in place, we will only sell a limited number of tickets to the screenings to ensure that safety distance is possible. During the festival, we take special care of the cleanliness of the premises and offer our guests several opportunities to take care of their hand hygiene. We oblige visitors and staff to use a face mask throughout the festival.


Let’s stay safe and see you on August 25-29!