The program of the 9th edition of TAFF has been published!

Get inspired by the latest world-class short animation, discuss the films with new and old friends and enjoy the last summer days in a great setting from 21 to 25 August at the Manilla Culture Factory! You can already start to get excited about all this, as the program for TAFF 2024 has now been published!

Our program consists of three competition series plus panorama and themed screenings. During the festival week, animation lovers will also be offered free admission to screenings and workshops around the city as part of the pop-up art programme by the city of Turku’s Cultural spearhead project.

We have kept our younger audience in mind again this year, as a selection of this year’s films is also suitable for children of different ages. On Thursday and Friday, there will also be a programme for animation and film professionals, as TAFF Pro brings together animators and filmmakers. Find out more about this later!

As Joni Männistö, the Artistic Director of TAFF, sums up this year’s program: “Animators still don’t disappoint. Imagination has not been neglected in the making of films. The scale ranges from serious to absurd, and the techniques used are varied and skilful. The screenings have been put together to suit a wide range of tastes, and you can easily choose from them, whether you are a fan of narrative or more experimental animation.”

For the program, timetable and tickets, visit taff.fi/timetable. In addition to the screening tickets, you can also buy a festival pass with unlimited access to all of our screenings or a 6-ticket screening card.

Stills in the banner from left to right: Las Voix de Sirenes (dir. Gianluigi Toccafondo), I Smell a Mouse (dir. Iiti Yli-Harja), Yuck! (dir. Loïc Espuche), Hurikan (dir. Jan Saska), Meatseller (dir. Margherita Giusti) and Boy Blue (dir. CIANG, Matteo Dang Minh, Francesca Colombara).