Meet our jury!

Our jury for the International Competition are well established professionals of animation, whose works you get to enjoy first hand in our Jury screenings.

Daniel Šuljić (1971) is an animation film director and a musician, who works Zagreb and Vienna. He has studied painting and animation and has been widely recognized in his work in both teaching as well as directing animation. 

The screening at TAFF showcases the diverse array of films and a music video from Daniel’s career between the years 1993 and 2018.

Read more about Daniel and buy tickets to his screening from here.

Renata Gąsiorowska is an animator and cartoonist from Kraków, Poland. She currently lives and works in Wrocław. She has made five short films, a few animated music videos and several short comics published around the world. Renata’s school film, Pussy, has won multiple awards. Her newest short film Home in a shell was produced for HBO Poland as a part of “At Home” anthology.

Read more about Renata and buy a ticket for her and Lucija Mrzljak’s, from our Finnish competition’s jury, joined screening from here.

Julian Gallese is an artist from San José, Costa Rica. Julian has studied in Vancouver Film School as well as Royal College of Arts in London. Julian has made several independent short films and currently lives and works in London.

Read more about Julian and buy a ticket for his screening from here.