The 7th TAFF ended with Sunday’s Audience Favorites and Best of TAFF screenings.

This year we were able to enjoy a particularly rich coverage of different styles and genres of animation. Even though old craft techniques are still cherished, animation does not stand still, directors are constantly renewing their expression and creating new ways of using well-known techniques.

At the 2022 TAFF nine films were awarded in ten (10) different categories. The main prize was won by Špela Čadež’s Steakhouse, which managed to convey the atmosphere of a home in crisis with its smoke and fog veiled story. Read the list of all winners and the jury’s statements for the choices from here.

After two years of pandemic, we are happy that we were able to enjoy the festival again in a warm atmosphere with both Finnish and international visitors. It is you, our guests and audience, who make our festival come alive!

“Animation often contains many layers of narrative, metaphors and symbolism. After the screenings, many films remain haunting in the mind, and the deepest secrets of the films may only be revealed in the post-screening discussions among friends. Audience have their own ways of interpreting stories and it is interesting to compare views. Thus, you get more out of the viewing experience than you expected.” describes the artistic director of the festival, Joni Männistö.

So thank you to our guests, friends and viewers!

Thank you to our judges, the board of the Turun elokuvatapahtumat Ry, our wonderful volunteers and our employees for their great work!
Thanks to our partners Rajupaja Oy, Scene Turku, Animaatiokilta ry, Institut Français, Turku Book Cafe, Aurinkobaletti, Tehdas Teatteri, Aura of Puppets, Laivahostel S/S Bore and Bagel House and Jalobus.
Thank you to YLE, Avek, Taike, the Finnish Film Foundation, the City of Turku, the Finnish Culture Fund and the Pro Manilla Foundation for supporting the festival!

Thank you, TAFF 2022!

See you again next year!


The winners of Turku Animated Film Festival 2022 have been awarded!

This year 10 awards were given to very special films that touched the hearts and souls of our juries and audience.

Steakhouse by Špela Čadež

“Fog and smoke create a suffocating and intense atmosphere. This impressive cinematic experience reflects the emotional reality of verbal abuse.”

All My Mom’s Phone Calls by Iiti Yli-Harja

“Rough, tough  and honest. Masterfully paced work in which the form supports the content and vice versa. Finally a realistic portrait of a mother in a kitchen.”

Black Slide by Uri Lotan

“Layered storytelling, full of emotion.”
Sierra by Sander Joon

A playful story about a father – son relationship that manages to be both entertaining and emotional. The puchy sound design and vibrant art style compliment this colorful story.”

Goodbye Jérôme! by Gabrielle Selnet, Adam Sillard & Chloé Farr

“This whimsical story about a breakup in heaven captivates the viewer with its psychodelic aesthetic and straightforward emotional honesty.”

Backflip by Nikita Diakur

Will machines take over the world? Will algorithms master tasks that us humans are too weak and inneficient to perform? Let’s find out in this slapstick comedy about a clumsy avatar learning to do a backflip.”

In my chest of fire there is still place to temple your dagger: a love story by Pablo Ballarín

Zoon by Jonatan Schwenk

Bad to the Boner by Robert Lönnqvist
Sierra by Sander Joon


Here is the jury of our National Competition!

Our National Competition includes 9 films from the last two years. The best domestic film is selected by our jury of experienced artists working with animation in Finland and Estonia.

Lucija Mrzaljak

Lucija Mrzljak is a Croatian animation film director and illustrator based in Tallinn, Estonia. She studied at fine art academies in Zagreb, Krakow, Prague and Tallinn. Since 2016 she co-directed several animated short animated films with the Estonian director Morten Tšinakov in Eesti Joonisfilm studio in Tallinn and Adriatic Animation studio in Zagreb: Demonstration Of Brilliance In Four Acts (2017), The Stork (2020), Eva (2022).

Lucija lives and works in Tallinn as a director, illustrator and as a guest teacher at the Estonian Academy of Fine Arts. You can enjoy Lucija’s animation in our Jury 2 -screening.

Hanneriina Moisseinen

Hanneriina Moisseinen, (b. 1978 in Joensuu) is an awarded comic book artist and a master of arts. Moisseinen has published four comics so far and directed the animated films Birthday (2014) and The Drifter Who Loved Books (2017). Moisseinen lives and works in Helsinki.

Hanneriina’s Masterclass is part of TAFF Pro -program.

Tomi Riionheimo

Geography and biology teacher who drifted into animation productions through comics in the late 90s and stayed there. Self-taught graphic artist and filmmaker, shirt seller and foreign tour manager of the band Eläkeläiset, producer and owner of Indie Films Oy since 2001.

Tomi Riionheimo’s animations are part of TAFF Program in Comics-secreening.


For five days, Manilla’s Culturefactory will be filled with the latest jewels of animation.

TAFF’s program once again covers the boldest and most insightful films of recent international animation from the past two years. From more than 2,000 short films submitted, 29 animations from different countries were selected for the competition series. In addition to the main competition series, there are competitions for Finnish films as well as films for younger audience.
In addition to the competitions, animated documentaries and music videos also have their own screenings. Thursday and on Saturday the Sarjis show to be seen offers glimpses to those hungry for nostalgia, when in addition to modern cartoon-based animations, you get to admire Jasso-Kissa as well as Rieku and Raiku. Films of competition judges from the period of their career are shown in the jury’s title screenings. The screenings feature animations by Daniel Šuljić, Renata Gąsiorowska, Lucija Mrzljak and Julian Gallese.
This year, the two-day TAFF Pro program, aimed at professionals, focuses on combining animation and comics. Professional section organized on Thursday and Friday will have master classes and panels with award-winning artists who combine comics and animation, as well as a wide range of production professionals. The main language of TAFF Pro is English.
After the audience restrictions of the last few years, the popular TAFF Junior school screenings have returned in full measure to the festival’s program – the first screenings were already fully booked on the day of their release! TAFF Junior school performances can be watched by pre-school and elementary school students in the Turku area. Open to everyone and free for kids under 16, the TAFF Junior screenings start the festival days of the weekend on Saturday and Sunday.
Throughout the festival, Aurinkobaletti’s bar and terrace offer refreshment for the thirsty. Today TAFF and Kirjakahvila will jointly organize an open-air screening, showing the film Aya of Yop City, based on the comic by Marguerite Abouet and Clément Oubrerie.


Thursday and Friday are for professionals!

The two days of TAFF Pro brings together domestic and foreign animators and others working in animation. TAFF Pro strives to promote the vitality of the animation field and offers new ideas and contacts to industry players and students. This year’s theme is the combination of comics and animation. The pro program consists of master classes and panels, as well as cartoon-themed film screenings.

You can read about TAFF Pro and apply for professional accreditation from our Professionals-page.
In the master classes, you will hear directly from the artists who combine comics and animation about their experiences and processes. In the panel discussions, the convergence of animation and comics will be examined, as well as production and copyright issues. Reflections and experiences about copyrights, working with the production team and where to begin if you want your comics to be an animated film will be discussed. The panel examines the topic from the perspective of artists, production and copyright law.
You can see the TAFF Pro program here.
The primary language of the TAFF Pro program is English. Questions to the panelists can also be asked in Finnish.


Meet our jury!

Our jury for the International Competition are well established professionals of animation, whose works you get to enjoy first hand in our Jury screenings.

Daniel Šuljić (1971) is an animation film director and a musician, who works Zagreb and Vienna. He has studied painting and animation and has been widely recognized in his work in both teaching as well as directing animation. 

The screening at TAFF showcases the diverse array of films and a music video from Daniel’s career between the years 1993 and 2018.

Read more about Daniel and buy tickets to his screening from here.

Renata Gąsiorowska is an animator and cartoonist from Kraków, Poland. She currently lives and works in Wrocław. She has made five short films, a few animated music videos and several short comics published around the world. Renata’s school film, Pussy, has won multiple awards. Her newest short film Home in a shell was produced for HBO Poland as a part of “At Home” anthology.

Read more about Renata and buy a ticket for her and Lucija Mrzljak’s, from our Finnish competition’s jury, joined screening from here.

Julian Gallese is an artist from San José, Costa Rica. Julian has studied in Vancouver Film School as well as Royal College of Arts in London. Julian has made several independent short films and currently lives and works in London.

Read more about Julian and buy a ticket for his screening from here. 



Films in this screening:

TAFF Pro 1:

Hanneriina Moisseinen: Comic artist & animation director

Thursday, 12:00.

Comic artist as an animator.

Making comics takes a lot of time, but animation, surprisingly, is a quick form of expression for Hanneriina.

Hanneriina Moisseinen, (b. 1978 in Joensuu) is an awarded comic book artist and a master of arts. Moisseinen has published four comics so far and directed the animated films Birthday (2014) and The Drifter Who Loved Books (2017). Moisseinen lives and works in Helsinki.
Photo: Henry Söderlund

TAFF Pro 2:

Maria Björklund: Mixed worker in comics and animation

Thursday, 14:00.

Comics artist and animation maker Maria Björklund has worked with both mediums, both in commercial and artistically experimental projects. She is currently adapting her comic Planet Z (Planeetta Z) into a children’s animation series.

Maria Björklund is an animation filmmaker, comic artist and illustrator from Helsinki whose area of expertise includes experimental films as well as designing cute characters. Björklund has participated in numerous exhibitions around the world with comics, animations and other work. In recent years her most well-known work has been “Planet Z” which started off as a comic in the Nyt (“Now”) supplement in the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper. A Planet Z animated TV series is at the moment in pre-production.

TAFF Pro 3:

Copyright Management: Comic Artist Meets Animation Studio

Friday, 10:00.

When you start planning an animation from a comic, many tricky questions arise: What happens to copyrights? What are the possibilities for the author of the original work to influence the content and style of the animation? What about merchandise?  These and other key copyright issues will be discussed from the perspective of the artist and the animation studio. Participating in the discussion are Kirsi Salmela, head of legal of Kopiosto, Terhi Väänänen, a producer from Pyjama Films, and Rakastaja Robert, illustrator and animator who will be sharing his practical and inspiring thoughts on copyright related issues, while referring to his master’s thesis “Bad to the Boner: The role of IPR in creating your own animation brand”.

TAFF Pro 4:

JP Ahonen ja Samppa Kukkonen: Case Belzebubs - From Comics to Animation

Friday, 12:00.

Comic book artist JP Ahonen and animation director Samppa Kukkonen tell how the Belzebubs comics turns into animation. What does the work of adapting comics into animation entail? What kind of problems and happy surprises occurred in the process?

JP Ahonen is a Finnish comic book artist and illustrator, whose books have been published in over 13 languages. He’s best known for his black metal webcomic Belzebubs, which has evolved from a self-therapy project into a larger cross-media concept, interweaving comics, animation and music. JP’s currently developing Belzebubs into an animated series with Pyjama Films and YLE, Finland’s national broadcaster.

Samppa Kukkonen is an animation director based in Turku, Finland. He’s a partner and one of the founders of the animation studio Pyjama Films. Kukkonen has worked in the animation industry since 2002, focusing on animated commercials, music videos and short films. Kukkonen is also one of the founding members of the animation association Turun Anikistit. After directing eleven short films for the animated series Yellow Yeti by Gigglebug, Kukkonen has been focusing on directing his first own animated short film, Paddle Boat.


TAFF Pro 5:

Comics and animation – kindered spirits?

Friday, 14:00.

The creators of comics and animation discuss the kinship between comics and animation. Partaking in the discussion are Hanneriina Moisseinen and Maria Björklund in addition to Janne Kukkonen, whose Voro comic is in the process of becoming an animation, and Pyjama Films producer Terhi Väänänen, who has experience in several productions based on comics. The panel will discuss what to do if you want to make an animated film out of your own comic.


The Official Selection of the 7th Turku Animated Film Festival is here!


Once again Turku Animated Film Festival accumulated a record number of films for the international competition. Out of more than 2,000 entries, 44 films from 23 different countries were selected for the main competition series.


Spectrum of techniques and styles


This year’s TAFF will feature work from well-established professionals as well as rising stars. The International Competition includes Oscar-nominated Hugo Covarrubias from Chile, and Atsushi Wada, who has been awarded at the Berlin Film Festival. Špela Čadež returns to TAFF with her intimate drama Steakhouse. Estonian Sander Joon‘s first professional film Sierra is once again proof of the director’s ability to master new techniques. The representation of student films in this year’s competition is also significant and, as usual, in addition to the Grand Prix, the competition also awards the best student film. The films selected for the competition include works bathing in full colors that are visually polished to the last detail, as well as more minimalist and rough works with punk spirit. Old techniques are still cherished, but fresh digital technologies and artificial intelligence are also seen this year.


One of the strengths of animation is that, at its best, the chosen technique supports the story. It can also be seen in this year’s films. Different techniques are smoothly combined with each other in several films and these decisions are specifically made to serve the story. They make the finished film stronger and more interesting.  

The directors want to create new styles and renew animation, so you always see something new and wonderful.” ponders the artistic director, Joni Männistö.


In addition to the main competition, the best films are awarded in the Finnish competition as well as in TAFF Junior category, suitable for the younger audiences.

Official Selection of TAFF 2022:


International competition

A Bite of Bone | Honami Yano | 2021 | Japan

A white white day | Vasily Chirkov | 2022 | Russia

Anxious Body | Yoriko Mizushiri | 2021 | France

Backflip | NIkita Diakur | 2022 | Germany

Bewogen Woerde | Fynn van der Ziel | 2021 | Netherlands

Bestia | Hugo Covarrubias | 2021 | Chile

Bird in the Penisula | Atsushi Wada | 2022 | France, Japan

Channidae | Pauline Morel | 2021 | Belgium 

Cucumbers | Leonid Shmelkov | 2021 | Russia, France

Cufufu | Bruno Quast | 2021 | Estonia

Ding (Thing) | Malte Stein | 2021 | Germany

Elephtant in Castle | Florence Yuk Ki Lee | 2021 | Hong Kong

Girl in the Water | Shi-Rou Huang | 2021 | Taiwan

Goodbye Jérôme! | Gabrielle Selnet, Adam Sillard, Chloé Farr | 2021 | France

Good Old Vinyl | Yarin Philipp | 2022 | Russia

Granny’s Sexual Life | Urška Djukić, Émilie Pigeard | 2021 | Slovenia, France 

Graziano and the Giraffe | Fabio Orlando, Tommaso Zerbi | 2022 | Italy

Hold Me Tight | Leoluna Robert-Tourneur | 2021 | Belgium, France

In my chest of fire there is still place to temple your dagger: a love story | Pablo Ballarín | 2021 | Spain

In the Upper Room | Alexander Gratzer | 2022 | Hungary, Austria

I Want To Be Bored | Magda Kreps | 2021 | United Kingdom

Lesser of Two Evils | Máté Horesnyi | 2021 | Hungary

Letter to a Pig | Tal Kantor |2022 | France

Lines | Ivan Stojkovic | 2021 | Serbia

Los Huesos | Cristóbal León, Joaquín Cociña | 2021 | Chile

Oneluv | Varya Yakovleva | 2022 | Russia

Pentola | Leo Černic | 2022 | Italy

Pests | Juliette Laboria | 2021 | France

Please let me in | Peter Millard | 2022 | United Kingdom

Regular | Nata Metlukh | 2022 | United States

Rites of Spring | Yiorgos Tsangaris | 2021 | Cyprus

Sauna | Anna Lena Spring, Lara Perren | 2021 | Switzerland

Sensual Pill | Sam3 | 2021 | Greece

Sierra | Sander Joon | 2022 | Estonia

Steakhouse | Špela Čadež | 2021 | Slovenia, Germany, France

Sweet Nothing | Joana Fischer, Marie Kenov | 2021 | Switzerland

The Debutante | ​​Elizabeth Hobbs | 2022 | United Kingdom

The dog’s leash | Nicolas Piret | 2021 | Belgium

The fourth wall | Mahboobeh Kalaee | 2021 | Iran

The Pattern | ​​Péter Bogyó | 2022 | Hungary

The Seine’s tears | Yanis Belaid, Eliott Benard, Nicolas Mayeur, Etienne Moulin, Hadrien Pinot, Lisa Vicente, Philippine Singer, Alice Letailleur | 2021 | France

The Visit | Mateusz Jarmulski | 2021 | Poland

Two Sisters | Anna Budanova | 2021 | France

Zoon | Jonatan Schwenk | 2021 | Germany


National competition


All My Mom’s Phone Calls | Iiti Yli-Harja | 2021 | Finland

Bad to the Boner | Robert Lönnqvist | 2021 | Finland

Burning Love | Tomi Niko Krister Malkki | 2022 | Finland

Heinola | Aleksi Mäkelä | 2021 | Finland

Letters to Parkkimäentie | Mika Koskinen | 2022 | Finland

Mona | Sirpa Kristiina Loivarinne | 2022 | Finland

Tales of The Outback | Lauri Ketonen, Konsta Verta | 2021 | Finland

The Paper | Katariina Anna Maria Haukka | 2022 | Finland

You were in my dream | Iida-Sofia Kivistö | 2021 | Finland


TAFF Junior


Battery Daddy | Seung-bae Jeong | 2021 | Republic of Korea

Black Slide | Uri Lotan | 2021 | Israel

Don’t blow it up | Alžbeta Mačáková Mišejková  | 2022 | Czech Republic

Franzy’s Soup-Kitchen | Ana Chubinidze | 2021 | France

I’m not afraid! | Marita Mayer | 2022 | Norway

Letters From the Edge of the Forest | Jelena Oroz | 2022 | Croatia

Lost Brain | Isabelle Favez | 2022 | Switzerland

Luce and the Rock | Britt Raes | 2022 | Belgium

Marea | Giulia Martinelli | 2022 | Switzerland

META | Antje Heyn | 2022 | Germany

Mom is always right | Marie Urbánková | 2022 | Czech Republic

Patouille and the parachute seeds | Inès Bernard-Espina, Mélody Boulissière, Clémentine Campos | 2021 | France

Reflection | Sanna de Vries | 2021 | Netherlands

Snail’s breakfast | Eugeniy Fadeyev | 2022 | Russian Federation

The Boy and the Elephant | Sonia Gerbeaud | 2022 | France

The Hand and the Egg | Fatemeh Gharavi Manjili | 2021 | Iran

The Turnip | Piret Sigus, Silja Saarepuu | 2022 | Estonia

Trails of the Morning | Maša Avramović | 2021 | France



Our volunteer application is now open! We warmly welcome you to be a part of the festival 24.-28.8. You don’t have to have any specific education or previous experience for most of the job, we’ll brief you. Check out the different job descriptions below.

We provide you with an awesome, communal experience, free entrance to the screenings outside your shifts, food & beverages and an afterparty at the end of the festival. You’ll also get a reference letter if you wish so.

Our aim is to have a relaxed, cosy & safe event for everyone, our visitors and our volunteers.  We wish to get your work input for 3 shifts / approximately 15 hours, rest of the time you are free to enjoy the festival atmosphere. You can also let us know in the application form if you’d like to be in the same shift with a friend.



Please note that with this form TAFF (Turun elokuvatapahtumat ry) gathers information about volunteer applicants. The information is only accessible to festival employees and is kept only for as long as necessary. Information is not given out to third parties. 


If you have any questions, please drop us an email at info@taff.fi .




  • Set up  / close down / cleaning / decorating:

Setting up the venue, bringing the festival atmosphere with decorations.

  • Tech:

Making sure the films are running smoothly

  • Runner:

Runner does whatever is needed at the moment

  • ​​Ticket sales / info:

Selling tickets and merchandise, answering questions and providing customer service

  • Screening presenter / door manager:

Checking tickets at the door, making sure everything is in order at the venue, presenting the screening

  • Host

Hosting our international guests and helping them during festival. We are looking for people with good English skills, but proficiency in other languages is a plus.

  • Security:

Securing the evening events and helping our guests with issues that arise in them. Official licence required.

  • Distribution:

Handing out marketing materials around the city before the festival in August.

  • Driver:

Driving things and people around the city. B-licence required.

  • Photographer:

Taking and editing photographs during the festival. Own equipment required. We hope you’d send a compact portfolio to info@taff.fi .


TAFF 2022 is on its way!


The most charming international animation film festival in Finland, Turku Animated Film Festival (TAFF), will be held again 24.–28.8.2022!

After two unusual summers, we can finally invite all our international friends, fans and guests to join us in the cultural complex of Manilla to enjoy the most interesting fresh works of animation. As usual TAFF will be a hearty mix of fresh and diverse animation films and side events by the Aura river.


Our festival programme is currently taking its final shape, but follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on the festival and sneak peeks for this year’s films.


See you in August!



Anna Jauhola



Creative Director

Joni Männistö




Marja Ahtola



Meet the judges!

Today we will announce the winners of Turku Animated Film Festival 2021’s competitions! We had a group of professionals and devoted friends of animation and culture judging the films.

Judges of the International Competition

From the left: Albert Laine, Eija Saarinen & Annika Dahlsten

Albert Laine is an artist, an educator and a producer. He has broad experience in the fields of culture, communication and organizational work. Laine works in the threshold of cinema, media art and fine art. Laine is the chairman of the Finnish Animation Guild, producer of the Animatricks International Animation Festival and a member of the National Arts Council – Board of Audiovisual Art.

Eija Saarinen is the emerita lecturer of animation from the Arts Academy at Turku University of Applied Sciences with vast experience from the field of animation starting from the 1990’s.

Annika Dahlsten is a Turku-based animation and visual artist, whose works are often spatial ensembles that utilize the many forms of animation. At their current position as the regional artist of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) they strive to promote animation and form connections between different fields.


Judges of the National Competition

From the left: Rose Pietola, Terhi Väänänen & Konsta Weber

Rose Pietola is the executive producer of VAFT (Video Art Festival Turku) and a long time fan of TAFF. Grass root level cultural movement, festivals and events are their thing and they curate art ‘outside the white cube’.

Terhi Väänänen is the founder and CEO of Turku-based Pyjama Films -animation studio and involved in the development of all the studio’s projects. Väänänen has a masters in Media Culture and Arts Management and has previously worked as the executive director of Animatricks-festival.

Konsta Weber is a member of the municipal executive of Turku, member of the council and technology entrepreneur. Of their many merits in promoting Finnish animation film they jokingly highlight their German-speaking voice acting double role as Horse and Doorman in the awarded animation film Wurmloch.


Judges of TAFF Junior

The 8- and 9-graders of the Luostarivuori School taking the visual arts optional course taught by teacher Katri Kankkunen.


Great news, people!


As of this Friday The Regional State Administrative Agency for Southwestern Finland (AVI) has announced that the 2 meter safety distance is no longer required. For TAFF this means that we are able to increase our seat capacity and can sell tickets to screenings that were previously sold out.


Even though current contact tracing has shown that public events have not been a source of transmissions in Southwestern Finland, we still offer our visitors the option to maintain the longer, 2 meter safety distance at our venues through seating arrangements. We are not selling tickets at full capacity, but we are happy to be able to offer more viewers a place in our screenings! We still require the use of a face mask, good hand hygiene and do enhanced cleaning at the venues.


Please read our updated safety instructions prior to arriving at the festival venue.


Sold-out screenings

Updated Fri 27.8. 10:39

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the capacity of our audiences is exceptionally small this year. Some of our screenings have been sold out and not everyone willing has been able to buy tickets in-person at our festival location. Please buy tickets (soon!) beforehand from our webshop for screenings that interest you, especially arriving in pairs or in groups, to ensure your place in the audience!

You will see each screening’s status on their page and here we also collect our screenings that have sold out.


Currently sold-out screenings:


International Competition 6, 17:00


International Competition 3, 16:00

National Competition, 20:00


International Competition 2, 20:00


TAFF kicks off on Wednesday!


Turku Animated Film Festival will be held for the fifth time on August 25-29, 2021 in the beautiful milieu of Manilla. This year the festival will be enjoyed mainly by our local guests and the main focus of our program in the midst of restrictions is in our amazing films! This year’s festival has short animated films from 24 different countries that have been selected from more than 3,900 submitted titles.


The number of screenings in the International Competition was increased for this year by two additional screenings, as a result of which 59 competitive films have been divided into seven screenings with different content. Our program also has a National Competition as well as three Junior-screenings of movies suitable for our younger audience.


In addition to the competitions, this year’s TAFF will feature music videos at Playlist-screenings as well as animated documentaries at Documentary Panorama. For professionals we have TAFF Pro on Friday afternoon.


You can find our complete timetable and buy the tickets for the screenings from here. On Wednesday, the opening day of the festival, an outdoor screening will be held in the Brinkkala courtyard, to which there is free admission.