Call for Entries!

The seventh edition of the Turku Animated Film Festival will be held again in Turku, Finland, August 24-28, 2022, presenting dozens of screenings during five days.

Submissions for TAFF 2022 are open until March 31.

The competitions for animated shorts will be held again in 2022. For the International Competition, International Student Film Competition, TAFF Junior Competition and National Competition we are looking for original, bold, uncompromising & inventive animated shorts under 30 minutes to compete for Grand Prix, Best Professional Film, Best Student Film, Tough Eye award, TAFF Junior Award, Main Prize in National Competition and Audience award in International Competition. In addition, the festival programme consists of a seductive selection of carefully selected special programme.

The Competition is open for short animated films that have been completed after 1st of January 2021.

TAFF takes place in the hometown of the renowned Turku Arts Academy. Our venue is a beautifully restored old factory milieu by the River Aura in Turku, Finland. TAFF is organized by the non-profit Association Turun elokuvatapahtumat ry.


Thank you for TAFF 2021!

With the traditional ‘Audience favorites’ and ‘Winners’ -screenings, this year’s TAFF, the 5th edition of the festival, came to an end last night. Although organizing TAFF was quite a rollercoaster this year, we managed to create a safe, collective and joyful event in the end!

What we missed in this year’s festive side events, we luckily gained from our extensive and diverse program. This year’s films were exceptionally high quality and we got to enjoy the world-class animation as much with our souls as we did with our eyes. We got to see many touching, charming and amusing films that will tickle our minds even after the festival.Our warmest thank you to all the wonderful animators and filmmakers whose work we were honored to show.

TAFF 2021’s Grand Prix went to Soetkin Verstegen’s stunning Freeze Frame that creates a study of animation, and film, as an artform within it’s freezing narrative. Read more about all the winner films here.

We’d like to thank our judges, the board of Turun elokuvatapahtumat ry, staff and all of our volunteers as well as Rajupaja Oy, Scene – Turku European Film City, Kirjakahvila Turku, AB Dance Company and Finnish Animation Guild for their cooperation.
Thank you Arts Promotion Center Finland, Cultural Committee of Turku, Finnish Cultural Foundation and Pro Manillasäätiö for financial support.
And of course we’d love to thank all of our wonderful festivalgoers, you are what makes TAFF the festival it is!

See you all next year!


The winners of TAFF 2021 are awarded!

The best films of Turku Animated Film Festival 2021 have been chosen! Altogether six films were awarded; each affected the viewers and judges in a special way.

Grand Prix

Freeze Frame – Soetkin Verstegen

“A spectacular film about film. Deep and beautiful piece, that illuminates our understanding of the world and the meaning of life frame by frame.” 

National Competition

Plunger (Karhupumppu) – Lauri Ketonen, Konsta Verta

“The film is at the same time of this world and detached from it. It creates a space-like place where inventive animation tells a lot with less and the sound milieu takes the viewer to the core of events. The film tells the story of breaking the routines in an identifiable manner and asks the fundamental question: is my life crap or am I the crap in my life?”

Best professional film

Precious – Paul Mas

“A touching portrayal of a little child’s desire to belong and the realities of life that the child is forced to absorb. Wonderful, functional character design.”

Best student film

Hide ‘n Seek – Barbora Halířová

“Insightful, magnificent animating and clever narration. The film is a wild merriment of metaphors where children’s game of hide and seek is a masquerade of a whole lifetime.”  

Tough Eye Award

Night Bus – Joe Hsieh

“Dramaturgically strong, suspenseful film noir, that powers through all the way to its cathartic end.”

TAFF Junior Award

Gon, the Little Fox – Takeshi Yashiro

“Impressively controlled storytelling in a visually dazzling world, where the masterfully crafted and designed puppets bring the tragic and touching story to life.”

Audience Award

Precious – Paul Mas



Meet the judges!

Today we will announce the winners of Turku Animated Film Festival 2021’s competitions! We had a group of professionals and devoted friends of animation and culture judging the films.

Judges of the International Competition

From the left: Albert Laine, Eija Saarinen & Annika Dahlsten

Albert Laine is an artist, an educator and a producer. He has broad experience in the fields of culture, communication and organizational work. Laine works in the threshold of cinema, media art and fine art. Laine is the chairman of the Finnish Animation Guild, producer of the Animatricks International Animation Festival and a member of the National Arts Council – Board of Audiovisual Art.

Eija Saarinen is the emerita lecturer of animation from the Arts Academy at Turku University of Applied Sciences with vast experience from the field of animation starting from the 1990’s.

Annika Dahlsten is a Turku-based animation and visual artist, whose works are often spatial ensembles that utilize the many forms of animation. At their current position as the regional artist of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) they strive to promote animation and form connections between different fields.


Judges of the National Competition

From the left: Rose Pietola, Terhi Väänänen & Konsta Weber

Rose Pietola is the executive producer of VAFT (Video Art Festival Turku) and a long time fan of TAFF. Grass root level cultural movement, festivals and events are their thing and they curate art ‘outside the white cube’.

Terhi Väänänen is the founder and CEO of Turku-based Pyjama Films -animation studio and involved in the development of all the studio’s projects. Väänänen has a masters in Media Culture and Arts Management and has previously worked as the executive director of Animatricks-festival.

Konsta Weber is a member of the municipal executive of Turku, member of the council and technology entrepreneur. Of their many merits in promoting Finnish animation film they jokingly highlight their German-speaking voice acting double role as Horse and Doorman in the awarded animation film Wurmloch.


Judges of TAFF Junior

The 8- and 9-graders of the Luostarivuori School taking the visual arts optional course taught by teacher Katri Kankkunen.


Great news, people!


As of this Friday The Regional State Administrative Agency for Southwestern Finland (AVI) has announced that the 2 meter safety distance is no longer required. For TAFF this means that we are able to increase our seat capacity and can sell tickets to screenings that were previously sold out.


Even though current contact tracing has shown that public events have not been a source of transmissions in Southwestern Finland, we still offer our visitors the option to maintain the longer, 2 meter safety distance at our venues through seating arrangements. We are not selling tickets at full capacity, but we are happy to be able to offer more viewers a place in our screenings! We still require the use of a face mask, good hand hygiene and do enhanced cleaning at the venues.


Please read our updated safety instructions prior to arriving at the festival venue.


Sold-out screenings

Updated Fri 27.8. 10:39

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the capacity of our audiences is exceptionally small this year. Some of our screenings have been sold out and not everyone willing has been able to buy tickets in-person at our festival location. Please buy tickets (soon!) beforehand from our webshop for screenings that interest you, especially arriving in pairs or in groups, to ensure your place in the audience!

You will see each screening’s status on their page and here we also collect our screenings that have sold out.


Currently sold-out screenings:


International Competition 6, 17:00


International Competition 3, 16:00

National Competition, 20:00


International Competition 2, 20:00


TAFF kicks off on Wednesday!


Turku Animated Film Festival will be held for the fifth time on August 25-29, 2021 in the beautiful milieu of Manilla. This year the festival will be enjoyed mainly by our local guests and the main focus of our program in the midst of restrictions is in our amazing films! This year’s festival has short animated films from 24 different countries that have been selected from more than 3,900 submitted titles.


The number of screenings in the International Competition was increased for this year by two additional screenings, as a result of which 59 competitive films have been divided into seven screenings with different content. Our program also has a National Competition as well as three Junior-screenings of movies suitable for our younger audience.


In addition to the competitions, this year’s TAFF will feature music videos at Playlist-screenings as well as animated documentaries at Documentary Panorama. For professionals we have TAFF Pro on Friday afternoon.


You can find our complete timetable and buy the tickets for the screenings from here. On Wednesday, the opening day of the festival, an outdoor screening will be held in the Brinkkala courtyard, to which there is free admission.


How is the festival organization going?


Now that new Covid-19 cases are increasing and the region of Southwest Finland has entered the spread phase, we must introduce the most limited festival arrangements so that we can still organize a delightful and safe festival for everyone at the end of the month.


“Due to changing constraints and the tediously evolving corona situation, we still have to wait a moment with schedules and the opening of the ticket shop. In the meantime, we hope everyone will take care of themselves and each other and get vaccinated if possible,” says festival director Kimmo Sillanmikko.


We have added a Safety-page to our website, where we will update the festival’s safety instructions according to the information provided by the authorities. We hope everyone joining the festival will read them through beforehand. We will also inform those who buy our tickets and our volunteers of the current instructions by e-mail before the start of the event.


With the current arrangements, we follow the Southwest Finland Regional State Administrative Agency’s restrictions set on 4.8. Naturally, we will react if the situation still changes. With these restrictions in place, we will only sell a limited number of tickets to the screenings to ensure that safety distance is possible. During the festival, we take special care of the cleanliness of the premises and offer our guests several opportunities to take care of their hand hygiene. We oblige visitors and staff to use a face mask throughout the festival.


Let’s stay safe and see you on August 25-29!


The films for the competition series have been selected


This year, the festival will be held mainly among domestic guests and participants, but our festivalgoers will still be able to enjoy cinematic experiences created around the world. This year’s series will feature films submitted in 2020 and 2021 and they have been selected from more than 3,900 short animated films. Although the number of titles in the main competition series were increased this year, a lot of great works and master-level creators were left out.


“The choices are becoming very challenging. This time around the number of films was also overwhelming,” commented TAFF’s artistic director, Joni Männistö, on the competition selections. “There are more and more great films, and it feels like they’re also longer than before. Students also make a lot of 7-10 minute movies.”


Fresh names and Oscar nominees


A total of 59 films from 24 countries were selected for the main competition series of the festival. The selections include new films from Bastien Dubois, Uri and Michelle Kranot and Miloš Tomić, who have previously visited TAFF. Animations from Adrien Merigeau and Daria Kashcheeva, both Oscar nominees, will also be seen as part of this year’s competition series. Eating in the dark, directed by Inari Sirola, a graduate of the Royal College of Arts, brings Finnish touch to the international competition.


In addition to the main competition series, the competition program also includes two series reserved for Finnish animators as well as for films suited for the younger audience. The domestic series features works from both students and better-known film makers. Familiar names for experienced TAFF visitors include for example Tatu Pohjavirta and Kaisa Penttilä, whose work Maihinnousu is also seen in the TAFF Junior series that’s suitable for children.

International competition:

All Those Sensations in My Belly | Marko Djeska | 2020 | Croatia
And then the bear | Agnès Patron | 2019 | France
Anna, cat-and-mouse | Varya Yakovleva | 2020 | Russian Federation
Arka | Natko Stipaničev | 2020 | Croatia
Awkward | Nata Metlukh | 2020 | United States
Ben and Kat or Kat and Ben Go To Little Lake Fountain | Elizabeth Whitfield & Nicholas Dimas | 2019 | United States
Carrousel | Jasmine Elsen | 2020 | Belgium
Cosmonaut | Kaspar Jancis | 2020 | Estonia
Daughter | Daria Kashcheeva | 2019 | Czech Republic
Displaced | Laura Benavides Ramirez | 2020 | Estonia
Easter Eggs | Nicolas Keppens | 2020 | Belgium
Eating in the Dark | Inari Sirola | 2021 | United Kingdom
Ecorce | Samuel Patthey & Silvain Monney | 2020 | Switzerland
Film Found | Claudia Munksgaard-Palmqvist | 2020 | Denmark
Freeze frame | Soetkin Verstegen | 2019 | Belgium
Genius Loci | Adrien Mérigeau | 2019 | France
Happiness | Andrey Zhidkov | 2020 | Russian Federation
Hide N Seek | Barbora Halířová | Czech Republic
Hit and Run | Hannah Brewerton | 2020 | United Kingdom
Homeless Home | Alberto Vázquez | 2020 | France
I Want A Sun In My Pocket | Laui Laessa | 2019 | Costa Rica
I Wish | Nadia Goldman | 2021 | Russian Federation
Lursaguak. Scenes from life | Izibene Oñederra | 2019 | Spain
Marbles | Natalia Spychala | 2020 | Poland
MATE | Chaerin Im | 2019 | United States
My Exercise | Atsushi Wada | 2020 | Japan
Naked | Kirill Khachaturov | 2020 | Russian Federation
Navozande, the musician | Reza Riahi | 2020 | France
Night Bus | Joe Hsieh | 2020 | Taiwan
Night Shift | Linda Stūre | 2019 | Latvia
Nod. Wink. Horse. | Ollie Magee | 2020 | United Kingdom
Poum Poum! | Damien Tran | 2021 | France
Precious | Paul Mas | 2020 | France
Purpleboy | Alexandre Siqueira | 2019 | Portugal
Push This Button if You Begin to Panic | Gabriel Böhmer | 2020 | United Kingdom
Radiovision – Mihovil Logar Speaking | Miloš Tomić | 2019 | Serbia
Room with a Sea View | Leonid Shmelkov | 2020 | Estonia
Serial Parallels | Max Hattler | 2019 | Hong Kong
Sh_t Happens | Michaela Mihalyi & David Štumpf | 2019 | Czech Republic
Sheep, Wolf and a Cup of Tea… | Marion Lacourt | 2019 | France
Socrates’ Adventures in the Under Ground | Aria Covamonas | 2020 | Mexico
Souvenir Souvenir | Bastien Dubois | 2020 | France
Symbiosis | Nadja Andrasev | 2019 | France
Thank you | Julian Gallese | 2020 | United Kingdom
The Chimney Swift | Frédéric Schuld | 2020 | Germany
The Dream Report | Jack O’Shea | 2019 | Ireland
The Hangman at Home | Michelle & Uri Kranot | 2020 | Denmark
The Man and the Head | Nilas Røpke Driessen | 2019 | Denmark
The piece of tail in the mouth of the snake that bites its own tail | Pablo M. Ballarín | 2019 | Estonia
The Stork | Morten Tšinakov & Lucija Mrzljak | 2020 | Estonia
The Surrogate | Stas Santimov | 2020 | Ukraine
The Zucchini’s Smile | Lucas Ansart | 2020 | France
TIE | Alexandra Ramires ( Xá ) | 2020 | Portugal, France
Vadim on a walk | Sasha Svirsky | 2021 | Russian Federation
Washing Machine | Alexandra Májová | 2020 | Czech Republic
We Have Everything | Francisca Villela | 2020 | Chile
What resonates in silence | Marine Blin | 2020 | France
Why Slugs Have No Legs | Aline Höchli | 2019 | Switzerland
WOULD YOU PLEASE? | Ada Güvenir | 2020 | Belgium


TAFF Junior:

A Stone in the Shoe | Eric Montchaud | 2020 | France, Switzerland
Away | Mathilde Pepinster | 2019 | Belgium
Beginning of the Light | Anastasia Melikhova | 2020 | Russian Federation
El Mago Georges | Katalin Egely | 2020 | Argentina
Gon, the Little Fox | Takeshi Yashiro | 2019 |Japan
Kiko and the Animals | Yawen Zheng | 2020 | France
La Bestia | Marlijn van Nuenen & Ram Tamez & Alfredo Gerard Kuttikatt | 2020 | France
Matilda and the Spare Head | Ignas Meilūnas | 2020 | Lithuania
Orgiastic Hyper-Plastic | Paul Bush | 2020 | Denmark, United Kingdom
Pearl Diver | Margrethe Danielsen | 2020 | Norway
Pishto’s Birthday | Sonya Kendel | 2020 | Russian Federation
Sweater | Zilai Feng | 2019 | United States
The Kite | Martin Smatana | 2019 | Czech Republic
The Landing | Kaisa Penttilä | 2021 | Finland
Tide | Joana Rosa Bragança | 2019 | Portugal
TIES | Dina Velikovskaya | 2019 | Germany


National competition:

Afterparty | Lauri Pulkkinen & Hertta Lehtovirta & Sanna Liinamaa & Janne Häkkinen & Ulkrika Fredrikson | 2019 | Finland
All tender things | Tatu Pohjavirta | 2020 | Finland
CRAZY | Inari Sirola | 2019 | United Kingdom
Do I know what I’m looking for? | Ylva-Lii Wahlström | 2019 | Finland
Eating in the Dark | Inari Sirola | 2021 | United Kingdom
Hello | Mikko Aumala | 2020 | Finland
Maybe Ur A Star | Aliina Kauranne | 2019 | Finland
Patent Nr. 314805 | Mika Taanila | 2020 | Finland
Plunger | Lauri Ketonen & Konsta Verta | 2019 | Finland
Rinse and Shine | Iiris Korjus & Katariina Haukka | 2021 | Finland
Taiga | Leena Lehti | 2021 | Finland
The Big Day | Joonas Ennala | 2020 | Finland
The Devil Knocks Thrice | Pauli Setälä | 2020 | Finland
The Landing | Kaisa Penttilä | 2021 | Finland
Treasure Hunt | Paula Garcia | 2020 | Finland
UV-Fright | Ylva-Lii Wahlström | 2019 | Finland
What Time Is | Niina Suominen | 2020 | Finland


TAFF is looking for volunteers!

Our volunteer application is now open! We warmly welcome you to be a part of the festival 25.-29.8. You don’t have to have any specific education or previous experience, we’ll brief you to all the jobs. Check out the different job descriptions below.

We provide you with an awesome, communal experience, free entrance to the screenings outside your shifts, food & beverages and an afterparty at the end of the festival. You’ll also get a reference letter if you wish so.

Our aim is to have a relaxed, cosy & safe event for everyone, our visitors and our volunteers.  We wish to get your work input for approximately 10-12 hours, rest of the time you are free to enjoy the festival atmosphere. You can also let us know in the application form if you’d like to be in the same shift with a friend.



Please note that with this form TAFF (Turun elokuvatapahtumat ry) gathers information about volunteer applicants. The information is only accessible to festival employees and is kept only for as long as necessary. Information is not given out to third parties. 


After you have filled in the application form, we’ll be in touch in 3 weekdays. If you have any questions, please drop us an email at info@taff.fi.


Job descriptions:


  • Set up  / close down / cleaning / decorating:

Setting up the venue, bringing the festival atmosphere with decorations.


  • Technique:

Making sure the films are running smoothly


  • Runner:

Runner does whatever is needed at the moment


  • ​​Ticket sales / info:

Selling tickets and merchandise, answering questions and providing customer service


  • Screening presenter / door manager:

Checking tickets at the door, making sure everything is in order at the venue, presenting the screening


  • Distribution:

Handing out marketing materials around the city before the festival in August.


  • Driver:

Driving things and people around the city. B-licence needed.


One week left to apply for Portaali-screening!


Are you still hesitant if you can host a Portaali-screening? Did you have questions while filling out the application? Here we try to answer some questions that have come up:


Q: How long does the screening last?

A: The screening lasts 70 min and is shown late at night after sunset. This means that at earliest, the show would start between ten and eleven and end around midnight.


Q: My friends and I haven’t been to art events before and don’t understand anything about video art or animation, can I still apply to host a screening?

A: Of course! With Portaali-screenings, you can have a cultural experience with the people you enjoy in a familiar environment so it’s perfect for first-timers. The films can be enjoyed (or hated!) without prior knowledge of video art or animation, but we will also be happy to tell you more about them. You can read more about our selected films this week from VAFT and TAFF’s instagram.


Q: How many people might come to my backyard if I host a Portaali-screening?

A: The screenings are private, so you can decide how many people and who you want to invite to the event. Only the current restrictions and the size of the screening space should be taken into account in the number of guests.


Q: How much information do I need to tell about the screening area? Can the venue be changed later if we find a more fun environment?

A: We need information about the screening environment in the application so we can evaluate how to set up the projection equipment there. This also means that the venue cannot be changed later.


Q: Are there any restrictions for the screening venues?

A: The venues should be large enough to accommodate projection equipment and the audience. This area can be around the size of a large garage or more. The venue needs to have an electrical outlet (we will bring extension cords if necessary).

As the screenings are held late in the evening, the screenings must be approved by the housing association if necessary.


If you have not yet found the answer to your question, send an e-mail to annu@taff.fi.


Invite Portaali-screening to you

The Ääriö Association, which organizes the Video Art Festival Turku, and the Turku Film Events Association, which organizes the Turku Animated Film Festival, will join forces in the summer of 2021 with portable Portaali- outdoor screenings. The screenings are free of charge and take place in a backyard, a park or anywhere outdoors in the Turku-area. Through the portal, the viewer can immerse themselves in a whole new world through video and animation art in a safe and communal environment. Portaali is a gateway to new dimensions and the themes of the shows reflect escapism, fantasy and diving into imaginative places.

Anyone can apply for the screening via the form below. The application is open 5.–19. July 2021. We will notify all applicants about the selections by 30.7. The selection emphasizes open, accessible and safe venues that are spread widely throughout Turku. The host of the screening takes care of inviting their close circle to the screening and providing a required number of seats for them. Portaali comes with projection and sound equipment, a screen and the 70-minute programme of video art and animation. Outdoor screenings will take place on 19.–22.8. after sunset and the person ordering the show must have a permit to use the space, for example from a housing association. Current hygiene and safety guidelines must be followed in the event.

Ääriö ry is a non-profit association from Turku aiming to promote the visibility of audiovisual art. The association organizes various contemporary art events, most notably Video Art Festival Turku (VAFT), which is held once a year.

Turku Film Events Association’s Turku Animated Film Festival, more commonly known as TAFF, will be held for the fifth time in the Finnish animation capital Turku at the end of August. TAFF was founded to promote animated film culture both in Finland and internationally.

In 2021, Turku celebrates the tenth anniversary of the city’s year as the European Capital of Culture. Portaali is part of the anniversary program.



Please note that with this form Ääriö ry and Turun elokuvatapahtumat ry gather information about applicants for the Portal-screenings. The information is only accesible to festival (VAFT and TAFF) employees and is kept only for as long as necessary.


About applying:

Annu Suvanto, producer (TAFF)


050 364 3683


Media inquiries:

Rose Pietola, festival director (VAFT)



Kimmo Sillanmikko, festival director (TAFF)



Here comes TAFF again!

Finland’s most charming international animation film festival, Turku Animated Film Festival (TAFF), will be held again 25.–29.8.2021!

After an exceptional year and the introduction of TAFF Pro Festival, this summer we’ll be able to enjoy the festival in person with all of our audience. As usual TAFF will be a hearty mix of fresh and diverse animation films and side events in the cultural complex of Manilla.

Our festival programme is currently taking its final shape, but follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on the festival and sneak peeks for this year’s films. For a head start to the festival TAFF and Video Art Festival Turku (VAFT) have joined forces to present a portable Portal-screening with selection of animated films and video art pieces. More info on the screenings and application will be coming soon.

See you in August!